March 31, 2007

Another Girly Post...maaf

When the more talkative of the two of us is a girl, the posts on our blog are bound to be a bit girly.

This one is about babies and weddings.

We'll be heading out of town this week for some time up in the COOL highlands area of our country. We hope this will tide you over 'til we're back.

1st is Mrs. Julia Roberts, one of the bridesmaids in our wedding and childhood friend of mine. She's not in Southeast Asia...she's in Florida.
She is holding her brand spankin' new baby girl Ava Grace Roberts who was born this week.
I'm not really sure how she did it, but Ava doesn't have the "I'm a newborn and look like every other newborn does" look to her. Click on the picture...she's as cute as can be.
Congrats Roberts FAMILY!
And this is Kaelyn Joy Diaz. She also lives in Florida. Kaelyn's mom is my sister.
Kaelyn can't help but be messy...but in that messiness(sp?) is a super creative little girl.
Way to go Heather on appreciating your kids...even when they play with their food.
Oh, and Anthony noticed the healthy bread...way to go on that too.

I also had a picture of KaTelyn and her daddy, but I can't figure out how to get it off Kodak picture share...but she's cute and totally a daddy's girl!

The 3rd thing actually happened in Southeast Asia. We went to another wedding!
Actually...we went to TWO weddings today. When we got to the first, Kakak told us there was another one. A great day with LOTS of food (The 2nd wedding people didn't care that we had just eaten at the 1st wedding...they still piled the rice and chicken high!)
We'll have pictures of strawberries and what not in a few days when we get back...and maybe something manly too.


Chanclers said...

all such cute people!!

Cara said...

As many times as I've said this, I still can't get over how absolutely ADORABLE Kaelyn is! Yay for engenious, intelligent girls! :)