November 18, 2008

Today in Language Class...

It's impossible to learn a language without learning the context the language applies to (Imagine learning the basics of Spanish but only hearing a description of an "enchilada" or "salsa"...ya just miss out).

So today we learned, "jeruk" which basically means (I think) "pickled" or, "to pickle"...

November 11, 2008

Drivers' Ed

At this light all the colors were lit up…so you could technically...

Not turn right.
Slow down/yield while turning right.
Turn right.
All at the same time.

But does any of it count if you’re driving a backhoe?

November 08, 2008

All's Well that Ends Well...

To follow up on the post below...

1. Our camera's flash is now fixed. We decided to get it repaired. A plus with the trip to the Sony repair center was that it was supposedly near the largest Mac Store in the country. We couldn't find the Mac Store, but the camera did get fixed. All before our trip to we didn't miss one drop of all the rain that fell!

2.. We now watch DVD's on our TV. Not the same one. When we went to get it fixed the guy said it was a weird brand and that he couldn't fix it. It's now sitting outside our house next to our neighbors' old TV that we think was hit in the same lightning storm. There's is much bigger than ours. The new one is a floor model and was cheap...but it's a Samsung (a good Japanese? Korean?) brand. Hopefully it'll hold out. Since getting our new TV, we can tell you that we think Tropic Thunder wasn't that great.

3. The bed. After the 2nd unsuccessful trip to IKEA the customer service guy there leans over and real hush hush like says, "I'm not supposed to tell you this, but what you can do is measure the board that broke, go to Ace Hardware and buy a piece of wood. It's like (the equivalent to) $2.00. We'll never get this part in probably, so just go there."

So instead of going home to measure, I just went upstairs and got my friends to help me move the mattress off the display model and measured it. It worked great. Anthony used our handy-dandy saw from our IKEA tool kit to cut the board to the correct length.

4. The Mac. It's doing well, with a few "stars" still on the screen, but it works just fine.

So all is well and functioning again in our house. We'll let you know when the air conditioners FINALLY get installed.