February 21, 2009

Isaac's First Birthday!

Isaac is One Year Old!
We had his birthday party today at our house. We put up a couple of tents because around here, when you have a party the number one signal to all neighbors is a tent! We didn't have to send out invitations or anything. We did tell a couple of people, but mostly people just saw the tents and heard by word of mouth. If you're a friend, you come.
We bought a small pool for his party (thanks Mom!) And set it up under the porch because people here do everything they can to stay out of the sun. Even though we both grew up in Florida, having February birthdays meant we never got to have a pool party. We thought it would add some fun to the normal birthday festivities. Only a few kids played in it (but enough to fill it up for sure) and it was a big hit. We told the adults we were gonna buy an even bigger pool and have a party for ourselves and the adults next week for our birthday… I only tell you that little piece of info because I said it in their language and I must have said it right because they all laughed and then rolled with the joke. (One mom when her daughter asked if it was true, said, “Yes, but you can’t play in it. Only the adults.”) It’s all about the small victories folks.I can’t believe our Miniman is ONE! They say the years just get faster, especially when you add more kids (which we’ll hopefully do this year!)

I made my mom’s chocolate cake for the big cake- not nearly as well as she does, but it turned out alright. For Isaac’s cake, I made 3 cupcakes hoping I could come up with something. I tried to make a koala and I think it turned out alright (disproportionately large ears, but who would dare judge?) Isaac liked his cake, but in an effort to help the icing not melt in the VERY hot sun, I put it in the freezer… a bit too long though. When he went to dig in, it was too hard! AH! Anthony gave it a poke to try and get it started for him, but even for Anthony it was tough. But he eventually got into it, picking the entire cupcakes up and shoving them in his mouth.
Not long after we cleaned him up, he had a sugar crash and napped for about an hour. The older boys had a water balloon fight with the leftover balloons. We opened presents later. In this culture, you normally don't open gifts in front of people, so we did it inside when there were just a few people left.Everyone took home a bit of cake and a few extra cookies. All in all it was a great party! Happy Birthday Sweet Isaac!

February 15, 2009

Love Birds...

We went to the bird-park on Valentine's Day- with Isaac of course (can you see the date on Anthony's armband?) Isaac's more like a training wheel or a wheel on a Tonka truck than a "Third Wheel" and he comes with a stroller, so you can put the 3rd wheel on wheels if need be. We had never been there and it was fun! There are a lot of birds not in cages, and because of our residency visa, we got in for less than half-price. Woohoo!This was painted on one of the walls. No kissing in public though for risk of paying a fine...(although I doubt anyone would have given us a ticket on Valentine's Day!)
We went into the parrot enclosure (kinda like the velociraptor enclosure in Jurassic Park). All was going well.
Isaac liked feeding the birds and didn't mind how close they were.
Until one (2nd from the left) bit his hand. He cried so loud! It left a mark (you can still see it today!) but I was laughing and couldn't do anything because both arms were occupied. Then as he was crying a couple birds landed on him and my head and scared him even worse. It wasn't as bad as the poor cow in the Velociraptor cage (he stopped crying before we even got out of the enclosure) but still...poor Miniman!
Isaac's favorite birds were the toucans (so like any parents with only one child, we used the money we saved from the entrance fee and bought him a stuffed toucan). There were several Hornbills flying around as well- huge!If you're ever in town we'll take you! (unless you come on Valentine's Day, then we'll ask you to babysit:)

February 12, 2009

For Dorks Like Us Who Love to Read People Much Smarter than Us

Yale did something very cool.

They put EVERYTHING Jonathan Edwards ever wrote online... for free.

Of course, they did this after I dropped a Benjamin on "The Works of Jonathan Edwards" a couple years back.

It's ok... I still got some Hamilton's, and when I can I drop 'em like Aaron Burr.

February 07, 2009

Getting Lost in the Foo

Using the wonders of wifi, I'm downloading "Lost" from iTunes in Carrefour, the French Walmart. I think wifi means something like Wonderous Internet Flying Inthesky, although Wikipedia tells me it means "wireless fiedelity." Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you're getting the best possible information.

By the way, Carrefour is pronouced "car-FOO" and must be said with a frou-frou accent and an poorly disguised distain for anything unfrench-like.

February 05, 2009

World Heritage Site- Melaka

We went overnight to watch the Superbowl with some friends and on our drive back we stopped by one of the most famous places to visit here. It's actually taken us 2 and half years to make it to Melaka. Last year it was deemed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO...which in case you don't know, is a big deal. The city is a port city and over the centuries it has accumulated a rich history. I think I heard once it was the place where the "winds meet" meaning it's great for sailing big ships from Europe, Arabia, and India to China, Japan, and beyond. Different nations, particularly the Portuguese, have colonized it. In fact the local people from there actually look different (their noses particularly look more European)...which is a testimony to what a unique place it is since it's only about 3 hours from the capital and this nation only has about 23 million people total. You can tell before someone says, "I'm from Melaka" that they're from Melaka. They're proud of their heritage...as they should be!
There's lots of antique shops and other "old stuff" to see like the Christ Church and "Jonker Street." The whole place just has a very distinct feel to it. We're definitely going back! A fountain dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria.
Isaac checking out the cool tile in front of an antique store.
Isaac and I making our crazy smile faces in front of St. Francis church.