April 08, 2007

This week in photos...

This week we took a trip the highlands once again.
We went there for Thanksgiving so we didn't take many pictures.
But here is the view from the hotel we stayed in...The only thing cooler than the strawberry & honey roti we ate this week was our niece Katelyn turning 1 year old! (This Katelyn is Katie Black, not to be confused with Kaelyn our other niece or Kaitlyn aka K5 who is our adopted niece here, or Kate Durrance our cousin who is also turning 1 this week...yeah just try and keep it straight!)One year old birthday party pictures are the best! Nothing better than a cute chubby baby getting to smear icing all over their face... every year after that the pictures are of the mom trying to prevent that very thing from happening.
Happy Birthday Katie! We wish we could have been there to see your cute icing-face in person!

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Chanclers said...

that was totally better than msn.com