September 29, 2010

September 09, 2010

Workin' the Cows...

I grew up on a Cattle Ranch/Orange Groves.  I have lots of memories of going out with my dad while he "worked the cows." Pretty sure I saw my first calf being born around the age of 4. We did "The Birds and The Bovines" at our house. Kidding.

We went out Tuesday morning to see if any calves had been born. There were 6! Isaac brought his cow too.
September/October of every year brings new calves. The bulls must be castrated and all must be tagged. They are herded into a small pen, the cow trailer is backed in, the calves (much to the mothers' chagrin) are roped, tagged, given a shot of vaccine, and de-baby-making-a-fied if necessary.  The cow trailer can be sectioned off...and just like I did when I was little, we brought the boys down and put them in the back half of the trailer so they could experience all the action.
Ahhhh. Florida.

Seriously. I may blow this one up and put it on my wall in Asia. Palm trees and Oak trees. My Florida!
A new baby! He never got up, but he was peeping at us.
Tell me. What's your definition of a cowboy?
Cyprus trees. They just look like they're asking to be painted on a canvas!
Out looking for baby calves...there was a Mama not wanting to cross the creek to join the other cows, which meant she had a baby.
Then this morning (Thursday) it was time to work the cows. In one pasture putting them all in the small pen. Looking at a new baby.
Rounding up the others (in the truck!) in the other pasture. When I drove down to the first pasture I passed this mama cow giving birth. 30 minutes later, mama and baby running behind...understandably wobbly, but running. And people ask me why I want to try for a natural delivery next time I have a baby!
Crossing the creek the cow just went through. This is the same pasture where we took photos with Annie Agarwal last November of my entire extended family...
Shick-a-poo taking it all in.
Big Brother getting to ride (50 feet) in the back while Granddaddy backed the trailer up.
My husband displaying a skill he's acquired since living here! Hard work looks good on a man!
My dad completely showing up the 2 younger guys (Shane was helping out too). He just walked right up and grabbed one. A few minutes later, walked up and grabbed TWO by the back legs. In Shane's words, "Uh huh. You look all cool today. But I remember last time you tried to do that and that Mama cow nearly caught you comin' round that corner. Lucky."
And, just when Granddaddy couldn't get any cooler...he lets us pet one!
Isaiah LOVES animals. LOVES them!
His love has a great poker face.  He was very into the cow!
I know there are a ton of pictures. I just think my boys are so yummy. Isaac getting to ride a little further (1000 ft) in the back of the truck as we moved the trailer to the next pasture.
With Brother asleep in the car, we got to get a little closer when we got to the next pasture. (There are only 2, we just came back to the one we started at.) Mama cow hanging real close, but being very docile as we messed with her baby.
He never fussed once. Even when the calves "cried" (bellowed?)
Proof that I was there. And another chance to brag through a picture how adorable my son is!
THEN Granddaddy put me on top of the trailer. Best seat in the pasture! "I go high up. But I don't fall down" says Isaac. And that's how we work the cows!