August 28, 2006

Everyday Things...

So that our blog doesn't fall to the are some random things that we just haven't posted yet.
After we signed our contract to rent our house, we took Abang and his family out to eat to say "thanks" for all the work he did to arrange it. He got to pick the place...and the food.

Very good...although a little too spicy for my true enjoyment. The green things you see there are a Southern classic...okra...or here "lady finger."
This was the view from the expressway as we were leaving IKEA the other day. Sorry for the glare...also sorry that unless you're in California or (we think New York) you can't enjoy the amazing shopping experience that is IKEA...It's a Swedish gift to the world of home decorating.This is Adik (what you call anyone who is a child). He is Kakak and Abang's youngest...he's cute, don't ya think?

And this is a little language ditty for you all back and be amazed. 1st one to guess what I'm saying before I pick up and name the dolls wins a free night in our guest bedroom. (To win, participants must not know the language of Bahasa...and if you speak it, don't ruin it for everyone else by saying what I said...cuz that's just not cool)

August 20, 2006

Ecclesiastes played out...

This week has been an interesting one and I think having the Word of God to show us how we are supposed to view a week like this is appropriate, and really, the best way to look at it.

Ecclesiastes 3:1- There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven...v.4 A time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance...

We had a GREAT week with our homestay family in the Kampong. We made friends, learned culture, and even had some language lessons. But our laughter was turned to weeping as we learned of my (Sharon) Grandma's passing away early Saturday morning. She died peacefully with her children in her home. Our last visit with her the morning we left was great. We got to say goodbye and her last words to me were "Love You" (with an emphasis on the 'you'). We are learning the hard way, very quickly, how to be family members on the other side of the world.

This is my Grandma, Patricia, a couple Thanksgiving's ago with me, Heather, Mama, and Kaelyn. Four generations in one photo. She was a wonderful Grandma and we could always count on her to have snacks, treats, and cokes in her fridge when we visited. She was an independent woman, lived on her own til her death, and you can sense her fiesty influence in my mom and even in me. Although I think she'd laugh to see little independent me in an Asian culture that values collectiveness! Interesting how that works! She will be missed.

So that this post reflects our whole life and so you can also see, literally, that God gives blessings even in the midst of trying times...

We went out for "Sate Kajang" Friday night with our homestay family. It was very good and Anthony and Abang competed to see who could eat the most sticks.

Abang won with 40 sticks, Anthony tried his best and came out with 32. Looks like Abang is eyeing Anthony's count as Anthony chooses his next stick. Kinda like "Gator's Dockside" in Jax on Monday Night with all-you-can-eat chicken wings...

Kakak had a coconut drink...literally. She loves them. Good to know that it's not just tourists who love the stereotypical tropical drinks.

Although I am no longer the official spokesperson for the Arcadia Watermelon Association, I figured I'd give the watermelon industry a little boost, for free. This is "Watermelon Frost" and you use it for ulcers and what-not in your mouth. I have an ulcer from all the fruit I've been eating lately so I bought this in Chinatown last night. It seems to be working!
For ALL our pictures here so far...from the far east click here.

Thanks to everyone who keeps up with our blog. It's great to know you're out there!

August 15, 2006

Suda Makan?

We are spending time in a village outside the big city here. We're staying with some new friends, and since they're older we call them "kakak" (older sister) and "abang" (older brother). We have visited their friends and family in the village, and even went to a wedding. The question EVERYWHERE you go is, "Suda Makan?" or "Have you eaten?" kinda like "Dya eat yet?" in the South. Except here, it's a constant snacking...I really don't think they understand why Anthony and I are always so full so quickly when a meal finally comes around.

Anthony with Kakak's friends. Saturday Night "makan malam" "dinner" we went to Kakak's friend's house. We had TONS of seafood; 2 kinds of prawn, crab, mussels, stingray, squid, and shrimp. And you just continually we ate for about 4 hours or so...when the meat comes off the grill, you eat it, then wait for the next batch to come off the grill.

Me and a big hunk of BBQ-ed Stingray. Perhaps the best meat the whole night.

Me at a village wedding on Sunday...eating. I usually will not have to wear a head-covering, but to a formal event like a wedding, it is polite and customary to get 'dressed-up' and wear one. Kakak said I looked " a Pakistan woman."

Us with the Bride and Groom. They get to be King and Queen for a day.

August 11, 2006

Hither and Yon...

This will be two posts in one of some images of our new surroundings overseas and our fun-filled day at Disney World before leaving the US.
My apologies for these not doing the city justice. We haven't stopped much since getting here and so I just snapped a few from the car this morning.
This is a tiny view of some of the skyline from the expressway. It was rainy today. Promise better one's are coming. This also from the van is a welcome sign/banner to another part of the city (I think anyway...we'll go with that) It has a bit of an Arabic Islamic flare to it...most welcome signs don't, so I thought it was neat.

This is Anthony outside our temporary residence. Its actually a company office, but there are bedrooms on the second floor. It's width is the two sections to the right of Anthony. Our bedroom runs the length of all the windows on the second floor.

And this sign is giving instructions for... this ramp...The local version of Walmart "Carrefour" is several stories and you push your "trolley" on these moving walkways to get from floor to floor. I wanted to get a picture of a person actually pushing one on the ramp, but we get stared at enough just being white Americans, so use your imagination.

The favorite of all the pictures is actually a video taken on the Tea Cups... Mindy and Anthony are the excellent spinners, I am the one laughing like a pig, and Josh is the one getting sick and saying "I hate this, I hate it, I hate it..." good times.

This trip contained all of the requisite Magic Kingdom stops... Jennifer, Anthony, and their Mom (Mary Lou) with the attention-starved Disney employee at Pirates of the Caribbean who worked his way into this picture...
Mindy and I in the stocks at Liberty Square (not sure how Disney justifies that one)...we dedicate this picture to Justin...Mindy, glad I got to be the first to pose with you here...

Josh and Anthony being (I think) freaked out before entering the Haunted Mansion...ooooo

Turkey legs in "Frontier Land"- I would like to draw particular attention to the lady-like way Cara and I are ripping the skin off. It tastes better when you eat like cave-men.

Paul and Julia Roberts (wrote that just for you Jules) bought personalized classic Mickey ear hats to round out the night before watching the Main Street Electric Light Parade...

August 09, 2006

We're here!!!

Quick post to let everyone know we arrived safely. Sharon and I kept thinking how weird it was that our 30+ hour trip over the Pacific was taking us HOME. I'm not sure it's really sunk in yet. We're so excited to be here and we promise that we'll put up a proper post soon with tons of pictures of our last several days in the States and our first days here, but to hold you over until then here's a picture of us with the greatest drink in the world.

The beautiful, frosty, amber-colored concoction you see here is Zappel. We've been dying for this since the last time we were here two years ago. There are many imposters in the States, but nothing beats the Zappel. We purchased these beauties 5 minutes after leaving the airport.

More coming soon...