March 06, 2007


We just returned from Phuket, Thailand. Our vacation was great and we thoroughly enjoyed time in the sun, and well, basically, a lot of time in the sun and around the water.
We were beach-tired every day.
And they had a National Geographic Channel.
Does it get any better?

We only took pictures the first couple days. Most were from our evening at "PHUKET FANTASEA." Here's some memories from our time at Thailand's Best Cultural Attraction of 2002-2003.
Wai-ing in front of the Palace of the Elephants- inside there was a Las-Vegas (Family style!) type show about Thailand. Very well done.

The whole place was decorated with lights and carnival type games. These were my favorite lights . They were in front of the Elephant Palace and the Golden Cafeteria (Still can't remember the name...but it was big and golden)
Take a look.....

There were also costume creatures wandering around. The one with Anthony is wai-ing, but its fingers are a bit tangled.
Here's me with sure, but I think its fun that the picture captured the person can tell from their eyes that they were smiling inside the costume.
Costume person, you deserve a raise for going above and beyond your duties as a costume creature!
It was neat to pose with the animals there. For 100Baht we posed with Mr.Elephant...
And the coolest one was a BABY TIGER! It was purring and everything! This was totally worth the 300Baht ($9?) We even got a classy cardboard frame to put it in. Be jealous. I would be if you were me.
The rest of the time was us laying on lounge chairs either by the beach or by the pool, or swimming in sea or pool. Wonderful.


C-Love said...

I would totally pay $9 to pet a baby tiger! And I can't figure out what I'm more jealous of, the National Geographic Channle or the picture frame.

Anthony and Sharon said...

C-love, on a personal note, I'd be going for the picture frame...this week on National Geographic MANY baby animals died- baby elephants, baby moose, baby frogs, baby hyenas, and baby antelopes... seeing the 10 deadliest weapons from China kinda helped with all the kung-fu moves, but unless you like innocent baby deaths, the picture frame is far easier on the eyes.

Four4Him said...

Wow, now I'm jealous. I would love to be able to take my family for a vacation like that but the airfare for us would be a killer. I guess we will just have to stay here and suffer through being adventure specialists in our neck of the woods. To answer your question about the fish: yes, Hussain sold it for a whopping 20 rials ($50 USD)

Brooke said...

yeaaa... fun times in t-land.

next time come up farther north a bit and we can be friends. :)

sharon---- love the video. you crack me up. i especially liked the up close smile at the end.