September 27, 2011

Full Term Baby!

Here is the post where I'm 9 months pregnant.

All you girls out there that think one day you'll grow up, get married, and have a baby or two, just know it doesn't stop AT 9 months, you are pregnant for 9 FULL months. Well, if you're me you are. Some girls get to skip to the baby in the arms part at 37-38 weeks, but I just don't think that's how it works for me. Though if any of you would like to pray otherwise, I won't stop you!

This is the blogpost where you get to leave the guess as to when Miss Immanuelle Marie will arrive! I know you've been anxiously waiting for it!

Here's fuel to help you all make informed guesses:
* I'm now 38 weeks 3 days pregnant and due October 10. 
* Isaac was born at 40 weeks + 5 days by C-section
* I haven't really had any contractions- Braxton Hicks or the real kind!
* October 4 (39 weeks) is when we head to the capital city to wait on i3. We plan to deliver in the same hospital and with the same doctor as with Isaac.
* It takes 3.5 hours to get to the hospital in the capital city from our house that is not in the capital city (for all you folks thinkin' she'll come before 39 weeks) There is a hospital about 5 minutes from our house that is my back-up.
* I plan to try and deliver i3 naturally (VBAC)...which is why I wanted my same doc and hospital!
* Isaac was 4.03kgs...which we think was right at 9lbs, maybe under. He was not fat and neither was I.

* My parents arrive Friday October 7 at 9:30pm.

36 weeks... a couple days before my sewing machine broke. Anthony thought the threads on my belly were funny. When my sewing machine gets fixed, I'll post pics of her room! Not done yet!
Us making the "template" for painting polka dots in the nursery. The picture though is to show my belly at 37 weeks. And yes, I needed help to get off the floor.
38 weeks and getting a pedicure. My toes are now pink and sparkly. I painted them blue before Isaac came. Next week if she's still not here, I'm going to get them repainted in the capital. Why? Why not!?!

Post your guesses!

Here's mine...just because I like playing too...and am hopeful...
9-10-11  Sunday, October 9, 2011 (in "not-America", the date is written DD-MM-YY...and I like this particular birthdate. You may write yours the American way or not-American way )
Hospital in the Capital City
(you may post yours in pounds or kilograms. 3ish kgs is somewhere in the 7lbs range)