March 27, 2012

What's up?

As it goes around here, and everywhere I suppose, most things are very everyday. I live in my little aquarium-sized piece of the world and all things look normal. My walls contain the routine of eating, mad-dashing to iron Isaac's school uniform, giving up on nap time because it's either give up or spank Isaiah one more time, popsicles, laundry, the heat of my house in the afternoon coming in through the amazing windows that line my walls, Daddy's home!, "quick" look through Pinterest to get "dinner" going, dishes, "clean-up time, it's clean-up time, it's time to clean up!", baths, bedtime, and on the very rare occasion after bedtime...

a date!

Don't we look springy? With the kids (almost) asleep we dashed off to see the Hunger Games. On the way we didn't even have to listen to Phineas & Ferb! THEN we sat in traffic to get into the parking garage with all the other young people who don't realize how awesome it is that they can go out when they want along with all the parents who were also making escape attempts. Traffic in the parking garage wasn't enough to dampen our fun. Luckily, since this is Asia, we already had our tickets AND seats reserved (I'll have to do a post about movie ticket buying in Asia sometime).

'Dis's my Boo y'all.

Hunger Games was great. We got a seat on the back row. One thing I don't feel super political about is movie piracy. I'll shout from my soapbox about all kinds of other things but I'd be sent to the looney bin if movie piracy bothered me. It's EVERYWHERE in Asia. Fifteen minutes into the film a man sitting next to us (who I barely noticed) got up from his seat and never came back again. As we were leaving the theater I spotted him again—folding up a video camera just like Jack Sparrow would have done if he were a 20-something-year-old Asian guy in sneakers.  I had to laugh as we stood up and I saw him stuffing it into his bag. Don't hate.

Among other things that are up around here is the rain chance. It feels so very "Florida in the summertime" lately. "Expect Mid-afternoon Thunderstorms." Can't you just hear Paul Delagatto on Channel 8 saying that? I miss meteorological predictions on news stations. There's no need here as it'll be 90 degrees-ish and either it'll rain or it won't. What else do you need to know?

I love that one of the thunderstorms blew our neighbor's Chinese New Year decor onto his roof. CNY doesn't have the same rules as other holidays when it comes to decorations. New red lanterns - or red pineapples in my neighbor's case - go up around February and stay up, fading in the unrelenting equatorial sun from March to January.  Sorry I couldn't get you a better photo. Their windows are such that I can't tell if they're watching me take a picture of their house. "Hi there neighbor! What's that? You don't speak English? It's ok. I'm just taking a picture of your red pineapples because I'm so normal. Thanks!"

Also—if the red rash all over my son's chest doesn't turn out to be chicken pox I'll be going to Singapore this weekend to run a 10k and go to IKEA to get my organize on. I'm way excited about getting around to creating my "Organization Station." Y'all gotta believe me that I came up with the name before I saw it on Pinterest.

Hope you're finding something extra in your everyday. If not, look again!

March 12, 2012

Parenthood in a Pic...

He's an expert Father.
He finished this romantic chalking and kept Isaiah from peeing on it so I could see just how much he loves me.

March 06, 2012

I Call This The Mayo Aisle...

Oil & Eggs
Our Tesco and other Walmart-esque stores really do carry tons of awesome items and we hardly go without. Most aisles are chock full of lots of variety, but not this one. Imagine how much mayonnaise you could make from this? Pretty sure if you pushed your cart through it fast enough you'd come out on the other side with white slimy sandwich condiment all over you.  Also, and this has nothing to do with my general disgust for mayonnaise, but those sticks in the bottom right corner are a BROOM I bought. We have some rugs that don't vacuum well (am I the only one that loves that vacuum has two "u's"in it?) and the current regular broom we have isn't strong enough to sweep up the various daily life particles. Sticks bundled up are how the locals do it. You can get them on aisle 8.