June 01, 2009


“Puh-CHAH!” in Bahasa means to shatter, bust, explode (like a balloon or a watermelon)…or in this case, like our friend Tall T’s driver’s side window. We went to the park (see Isaac’s blog for a video that will make you laugh) and came back to this…
When we knocked on the neighbor’s door, the kids came to the window to quickly tell us that their parents weren’t home and then named the girl who threw the rock that accidentally shattered the window. After Anthony talked to the girl’s mom we went about cleaning up the mess. While we were cleaning the 9 year old girl who did it came very relunctantly up the hill to our house to apologize. She was balling her eyes out. Poor thing. She’s the sweetest of all our neighbor kids and is very protective of Isaac (check out this post…she’s the girl with the light shirt on nearest to Isaac). I hugged her and told her we weren’t mad and knew it was an accident. She still cried though for like 30 more minutes. Bless her heart.

After the glass was cleaned up a neighbor offered industrial strength seran wrap to cover the door! We planned on getting it fixed the next day so it was just a one night deal.Then… around 10pm the little girl’s dad came over. He apologized (he’s a funny guy and would be easy to forgive even if we hadn’t already) and offered to fix the window himself. He’s a taxi driver and drove a “Waja” (the same kind of car) for several years before getting his latest car. Since they were paying anyway, we agreed. He’s helped us fix our car a couple times and we trusted him. He said he would try the place he knew on Sunday, but wasn’t sure if it would be open…”No big deal, Monday is fine.”- we told him.
Then about 11pm he knocked on our door again and already had the replacement window and wanted to install it that night! We agreed and he began taking the door apart. Everything went together great and at 11:45 he shut the door, rolled down the window, but when we tried the lock it didn’t work. He disassembled and reassembled the door 2 more times and the 3rd time was a charm and at 12:45 the car window, door, and locks were all in perfect working order. And it was all done right outside our front door. It’s got to be a record from “pecah-ing” to fixed and done…7 hours tops!