March 18, 2007

Fresh Seafood and Fresh Turkey

Tonight we went with our friends- Justin and Daniela- to Port Klang, to eat some of the famous fresh seafood.
How fresh you ask?
Just take a's me picking out some stingray (RIP- Steve Irwin)
some ginormous prawn,
and we also grabbed a squid (not pictured)

After selecting your food, you tell the kitchen how you want each prepared.
Stingray- Grilled
Squid- Fried
Shrimp- Sweet and Sour
That's what we chose...
Then you wait for your food here...

Nice. We also ordered "Otak-Otak" which is "Fish Brains"- Abang gave us some one time but wouldn't tell us what it when it came we were like "OH! We've eaten this before..mmm"
Then this kid came in with a very familiar teal and orange jersey. A sight for football-deprived eyes, I tell you what. We couldn't resist asking for a picture...his dad went to school at Univ. of Miami...we knew these people were smart!

And on the other side of the world, our 7 year old cousin Laina Durrance shot her first turkey!
How cool is that? And that's no BB gun either folks...that's her very own
What's even cooler, is that this very well-rounded little girl ate dinner a few nights before this at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota and I'm sure behaved like the young lady she is.
Laina, you're the neatest little girl we know!


Chanclers said...

You are becoming quite the well-rounded seafood eaters. Gotta admit, can't say I'd ever indulge in stingray or squid when I wasn't forced to at gunpoint.
B says "yay for hunting."

Cara said...

Look at Laina! Well-rounded girls just come with the territory of central Florida! So exciting...
That sunset is beautiful...

Bobby said...

Shotgun... not rifle :)

Anthony and Sharon said...

I'm a shmuck...but my dad was the musician, not the hunter, and I'm a girl. All very valid excuses, and reasons why Laina is cooler than us all.