January 24, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen...

That's "Goodbye" in German.
Justin and Daniela left today (sniff-sniff)
Daniela is German which is the reason for the German farewell.They're going to work in another part of the country.
They're Floridians (well, Daniela is a transplant but she counts)
They're Miami Dolphin fans (which will hopefully bode better for us all next year)
They love Napoleon Dynamite, the Highlands, and good desserts.
This season of American Idol won't be the same without our Friday Night get-togethers.
That's right...Friday. We have to wait to see the live shows...oh well. Still, they won't be the same without Justin and Daniela.We're not crying TOO hard for them though... the short domestic flight they got on today took them to their new home on a gorgeous tropical island. We celebrated their last night in the big city by going to good ol' Baskin Robbins... I said they like good desserts! We'll see them from time to time, but still, as we make fun of the American Idol hopefuls this season, it just won't be the same. We'll definitely miss them!
We're hoping to visit them in a few months...so stay tuned for the reunion!

January 18, 2008

"It's about the people... the peep-ple."

Wow - y'all left some good comments. We're excited about some of the upcoming posts we'll put up because of your suggestions.

And we've learned that the vast majority of our readership likes... squirrels.

Who knew?

While we work on getting pictures of squirrels and other wildlife (we're pretty excited about that post), several people also asked to see more pictures of the people here.

This one will be pretty heavy on the pictures. And really, don't we all just skim the words and look at the pics when we're reading blogs anyways?

January 14, 2008

So whatcha think? REALLY!

We have a little Blogger tradition where we change the look of our blog around the new year, so here's the new look to the same blog we all know and love.

We have an important question for you...our blog readers.

What do YOU want us to put on the blog?

Ya see, everything around here seems so normal now that we don't even realize it when something would be interesting!

So what have you been curious about?
You know, things like

"Do you have a squatty-potty in your house?" (no)

which leads to...

"Can you take a picture of one because I've never seen one?" (sure)


"Do people eat fish heads with the eyeballs and everything?" (yes)


"Can you make a video of you eating that?" (how bout a video of us peeling a shrimp one-handed instead?)

Ya know. Stuff like that.
You MUST COMMENT and let us know what you want to know about.

Especially all you secret blog-readers out there.
We know about you!
You think you're all blog-sneaky and what not, but you're not.
People tell us about you!
Like one girl named Andrea I heard about this week and our new friend Taylor who works with Anthony's mom who read the blog for over a year before being outed
... never met them, but they read our blog.

So blog readers and blog sneakers
Just click on the "__ of our friends said" line and ask away!

January 11, 2008

Baby-Girl Durrance is here!


Happy Birthday Elizabeth (Lizzie) Durrance! My (Sharon) cousin and his wife Martha just welcomed their second baby girl into the world. 7lb 7oz baby Lizzie made her entrance on Wednesday. I have yet to get any pictures of her since her arrival, but I will post one as soon as I get one (yes, this is an overt guilt-trip to all of my family members who have yet to send pictures...haha!:). But here is the 3D scan from when Lizzie was 30 weeks old... she looks SO much like Bobby!
Congratulations! We're so glad Lizzie is here...er...well, in Florida!
Thanks to my Aunt Diana (who is Lizzie's Grandma!) for sending pics:) And here is lovely Elizabeth Claire (she had had a busy day, so if her hair isn't combed just right, you'll have to forgive her!) Yay for new baby girls!