March 01, 2007

The Verdict (Thus Far)

Wow... y'all lit up our inbox and comments with song suggestions. Thanks for the help - keep 'em coming cause we still have about $30 worth of songs to burn.

Here's the run down so far - I'm posting this now because we're leaving for Thailand tomorrow for the Rivers Family First Official Vacation. We've been on several mini-vacations, but never spent a week anywhere with no other motive but to relax.

Many people recommended John Mayer's Continuum. I've been wearing that one out since the first day it came out. Don't hold "Your Body is a Wonderland" or the fact that he's dating Jessica Simpson against him - its a really good CD. And now for the list...

Drum roll...

New Music

Mat Kearney, "All I Need" and "Where We Gonna Go From Here." Good job, Laurie. I love both of these songs.

Celtic Woman, "Orinoco Flow." This is Sharon's doing - she's wanted this song since she saw Celtic Woman on PBS a year ago.

Herbie Hancock and John Mayer, "Stitched Up." This song is catchy as all get out. Justin played this for me a year ago.

Corinne Bailey Rae, Corinne Bailey Rae. I read a review where the critic said the CD sounds like coffee. My coffee maker makes swooshy gurgly sounds. She sounds better than my coffee. One of the best CD's I've bought lately.

Gavin DeGraw, "Belief," Live at the Alice Lounge. This was a stab in the dark, but I ended up liking it.

Old School (by old school I mean like 2 years and back)

Lenny Kravitz, "Again." Sharon again- she thinks he's cute minus the tattoos- but the song is good.

Keane, "Somewhere Only We Know." Corey and Laurie both suggested Keane and I've always loved this song.

Bush, "Glycerine." Sharon's suggestion (she has a funny story about wanting to be cool back in 9th grade by going to a Bush concert with her friends... she borrowed the cd the day before the concert so she would know a song or two...Glycerine actually stuck)

Jack Johnson, Brushfire Fairytales. Bought this to round out my Jack collection - its the only one I didn't have.

Santana, "Maria Maria." We both love the latin flava' and Sharon likes to clean to this song.

Pearl Jam, "Better Man" and "You've Got to Hide Your Love." C-Love made us remember Pearl Jam. Hats off to you, C-Love.

Guilty Pleasures

Styx, "Come Sail Away." Ha. Sharon and I both love this song. What's not to love? It starts out about sailing, then angels suddenly appear - only they're not angels but aliens who take the singer away on their starship. I mean, that's just solid songwriting. Also, there's a killer synth solo in the middle that I've heard on VW commercials.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, "Summertime." I will not defend this choice. I like it.

Will Smith, "Miami." Reminds us of home and me of my first 3 years of life in the Latino quarter of Miami-Hialeah, and Sharon wants to get a "cinnamon tan" in Thailand this weekend.

Sittin' on the Fence

DAUGHTRY. Can't bring myself to do it, even though several people recommended it.

Sufjan Stevens. Kelli, Katrin and Corey have all recommended him. Probably will get Illinoise.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed the blog with the suntan lotion...must have blinked! But, I'm excited about all the songs cause Anthony loaded up my IPOD before I left with some of his favorites and then when I came back I lost them and am in the process of adding them back and more...we have similar taste so I'll be checking these out too. Go tan, go tan! MammaLou

Anthony and Sharon said...

From the Wifee-

He got Sufjan Stevens, but there's only one song that I think I like...sorry folks...maybe there's something wrong with me or maybe the Indian music next door is taking its toll.

Josh R- he said he already has Lang...but will check out Relient K.

He neglected to tell about Ray LaMontagne's "Til the sun turns black"album which is great, kinda slow, but good for rainy days and married folks- if you know what I mean. I think maybe we got that before the gift cards...but its my recommendation for you all.

That's it from the female side of itunes.

Anthony and Sharon said...

Oh, and Killus...I TOTALLY forgot about us rocking out to Santana...will do on the "Smooth."