January 26, 2011

We just keep goin' back for more...

This afternoon Isaac said, "Let's go night market! I want it!" when we asked him if he wanted pizza or night market food.

Some of these pics are from another night where we went "native" and gave our boys baths and put them in their pajamas before going to the night market. If you go anywhere past about 7pm, kids are in pj's. It's how they roll here and we did as well.  We don't always, but why not?
The rice padi by our house at sunset. Sunset is over the ocean here. Pic is a little enhanced, just because I thought it was fun.

 This one is for Andrea... these are like gigantic Chinese donuts like you can get in Thailand hotels... sweetened condensed milk over these bad boys and yummmm!
 30 cent drinks. Free stares from the locals.

 Meat! On banana leaves!
 This family was so cute with their night market findings, motorcycle helmets, and bunny balloon.
 Oh Pandan Balls! The reason Isaac says "I want it" about the night market. (Kaya balls are also good, but we like the pandan ones best)
 The pandan balls in the bag... pandan is a sweet substance. Pandan balls are like small pancakes with pandan filling. Yum!
A very blurry pic of the inside...but the motorcycle in front of us is clear! You get the drift. 

Only pic of me at the night market...I like it too!

 These last two pics were taken at the same time on our way home. The first is the moon rising looking east over the hills in the middle of our island...you can juuuust barely see a bright star (or planet?) along the top towards the right.  The second is looking directly west back towards the water (you can't see it, but it's there past the trees:) at the sunset.  What a perfect evening to go to the night market!

January 16, 2011

Video: Back to the Other Side

A Rivers family home movie of our trip back over here.  Enjoy!

*We worked really hard to get this video up in a higher resolution (we bought a new high def video camera for Christmas) but our internet is just too inconsistent to upload a huge file.  Maybe one day we'll be able to post it.

January 11, 2011

Sunday Night Market

Most towns here have a once (or twice!) a week night market. In larger cities, the various sections of the city will have night markets. They are the best place to buy yummy grilled meat, fried food, sweet treats called "kuih"("kway"), and various assorted items like belts, small toys, knock-off shirts, and shoes. The one in our town is on Sunday and there is also another on Wednesday just across the road.  They just take up part of a street and set up tents, grills, tables, umbrellas, and all the items they've brought to sell. People show up in droves. It's the place to be when it's night market night.

We went this past Sunday so I wouldn't have to cook we could participate in the local scene.  We arrived when it first started, but it stays open late into the night.

Isaac has been to markets similar to this before, but it was the first he could remember. This was Isaiah's first one period. 
Here they are sharing a lime drink we bought for 30 cents. Shortly after this while walking to the car, Isaac dropped the whole cup.  Even though we're not usually so indulgent, we decided to splurge and to spring for another 30 cent drink. (it was a good drink!)
While Zay and I were waiting in the car for Daddy and Isaac to get the replacement drink, we couldn't resist eating our "sri muka" and "pandan balls."  The sri muka is pictured above, but Isaiah ate the pandan balls before I could take a picture. Pandan is a sweet green substance (from a plant) that about 50% of desserts are made out of here. It could have it's own blogpost.

Food enough for 4, the desserts already eaten, a couple pomegranates just to try them, and one spilled drink included. Total cost, about $4. I heart night markets!

January 02, 2011

What it is...

Since you all have been waiting since last year to find out...