August 26, 2008

When Durian pulls a fast one

Ok, so our new neighbors and I have been 'passing the plate' around. Meaning, one neighbor gives a small amount of food on a plate, and then when you return the plate, you return it full of something you've made. It's been great.
Last night a plate full of a variety of fried items arrived. All was well until I bit into a piece of fried durian. WHAT?!?! I had no idea it could even be fried! Beware the fried durian.

August 25, 2008

Roadside Fun...

This year there is another international fireworks competition being held as part of the Independence Day festivities. Independence Day isn’t until August 31st, but the competition started a couple weeks ago and every few nights a different country will compete for the prize (we’re not sure what that prize is, but it’s probably sparkly or loud). The pic below is the convention's built on top of a really high hill and we think it looks like the bridge of a star-destroyer (Star Wars...the bad guys' ship for all you out there that aren't tracking with us)We live about 5 minutes from where they set the fireworks off so we’ve gone every night. Tonight was Spain’s night…they did a good job…much better than Canada a few nights ago. Anyway. Instead of trying to fight the traffic that piles up near the convention center, we just park along the highway like the rest of the locals to catch the show…it’s about a mile/kilometer or so away, but still a great show!The road you see is actually the motorcycle lane that runs along the highway. On these nights the police help direct cars onto the mini-road so everyone can pull up. When its over, you just drive your car off the curb and you’re on the highway again. It’s great!Sorry these pics are orange. The street lights were on and they made the glow. Tonight it was really rainy so the clouds around the fireworks aren’t the camera, they’re actual clouds. Woohoo for fireworks! The last country (Australia) goes Friday night…should be fun!

August 09, 2008

What moves you?

Well, this past week for us it's been a lorry.
A lorry is a truck in English.
By English I mean England, English.

We are still moving our stuff from one house to another. And I think somewhere along the line I thought/said/posted/wrote that our new house was 800 sq. ft. Apparently I was wrong.

Try 550.

My organizational skills have been in overdrive the past week! I love organizing and putting everything in its place...because there's a place for everything. If not, we sell it, give it away, or throw it away. So, we've also been purging this week. Stuff we don't need. It's been great.

So we will write more once the house is all finished, which could be another week or more.
For all you before and after picture lovers out there, there will be a post coming soon that will bring fulfillment!

To tide you over, here's Isaac's room...since everything is basically done in his room. That's him asleep.