May 30, 2008

4 Tahun lepas...

4 years ago......we got married! (This is an engagement wedding pics on our computer:(
Soooo much has happened in those four years. We realize how much better we know each other now than we did then; how much more we're in love with each other now than we were then and in deeper and richer ways! In the past four years, we've worked our way out of debt together, moved to another country together, and become parents! (and so much more, but we figure if we survived financial stress, the stress of a foreign country, and a kid...those are the big ones) It's been such a great journey so far and we can't wait for the rest!

May 28th was the actual date, but celebrating this year came a couple days later.
The Law's so bravely volunteered to take Isaac for the evening so we could go to dinner in peace and enjoy just the 2 of us by ourselves. It was our first time leaving him with anyone, but everyone survived just fine:) It's strange to think just 3 months ago it was like that all the time!

This has nothing to do with our anniversary, but the Law's have monkeys in their neighborhood! We saw this guy after we dropped mini-man off...look at the cat. Wonder if he's sizing him up... that's scary business! Monkeys (especially the kind in the picture) can be mean!
After braving Friday rush-hour traffic we made it to our favorite mall. It's our favorite mainly because it has a bunch of good restaurants (read: Western Restaurants) and the ambiance is a good mix of laid back and lively... with lots of outside seating at all the restaurants.We indulged in an appetizer at an Italian joint, then went to Tony Roma's for some ribs (Beef ribs, this is a Muslim country so pork is a no-no). If Cara, Jason, Giles, Justin Allen, or anyone else that was witness to the waiter-atrocity at the Southside Blvd. Tony Roma's is reading this, know that I will never go to THAT Tony Roma's again...but... being in a foreign country where BBQ is usually Mongolian and western choices are a bit slimmer, I had to get over the pettiness of that evening. Anthony, being the romantic that he is (for real, he's the sweetest) asked me once we were seated if I was alright. HAHA!
I'm glad we went though...Because we got free dessert because it was our anniversary!

After it was over we both felt sick to our stomachs because of how much we had eaten. It was ridiculous. But... Happy Anniversary to us!

May 17, 2008

"...he's IN-famous..."

So, just like everybody else, we like to drop names and talk about anyone "famous" we know or have met.

Take for instance that we have Matt Diaz listed on our blog links. He plays for the Atlanta Braves in left field. His older brother Zach is married to Sharon's older sister Heather. We know and enjoy hanging out with him and his wife Leslee. See? It's so easy and fun to talk about "famous" people.

Sharon also met Micheal Jackson at Disney World once. That story used to be cooler. Now we try not to include the part about him riding "Peter Pan's Flight" with the kid from the Pepsi commercial (you have to be older than like 25 to remember the Pepsi commercial...)

So... on to the post. While all of you out there- maybe except for Justin and Daniela- haven't heard about the following people, WE have. So, feel free to be jealous of the following pictures.

First. See the boy in this advertisement? (the big one with the brown can tell how big the picture is...that's Mrs. Guru's blurry arm at the bottom)...Here he is again with the white shirt... any of you blog-stalkers out there recognize him?
It's K4!!! He did some modeling for a nationwide brand. The pictures above are in a huge department store in a mall here (need to see if the pic is in other malls as well). Neat huh? And just for proof that we do know's a pic of famous K4 in our living room. How lucky we are...:)
And this girl. Jaclyn Victor. She's one of about 4 famous singers here. She's beautiful and has probably the widest mouth of any singer (or person for that matter) that we've ever seen. She's totally recognizable...
And get recognized she did. On Anthony's flight to Indonesia this week she was on the plane right behind him (funny, she was taking the "discount carrier" airline... It'd be like seeing Mariah Carey on a Southwest Airline flight). He didn't have the camera with him...but THEN on his way home today she was on the same flight AGAIN! And this time we had a camera...
She wasn't all made up. Or as she put it when I asked her for the picture, "Sure. But I'm such a mess!" with her cute accent. But it's most definitely her (famous people wear big sunglasses).
Yay for famous people!

May 11, 2008

"Mama always said..."

My husband and my son took me to the brand new, "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co." restaurant last night to celebrate Mother's Day.

There are 4 reasons I'm posting this story on this blog and not on the baby blog...I do realize this is a bit more of a baby-blog post.

Reason #1
This guy...
I'm a mommy now, and this is my blog. You don't need a reason, "because I said so" will do.

Reason #2
To give you a small cultural lesson. We went to celebrate on Saturday night. Why? Because malls and shopping centers are the last place on earth you want to be on any given Sunday here. People come out in droves every Sunday. Also, today, Sunday, is Mother's Day here too. So, just like in the states where restaurants are extra-crowded because Mom's everywhere take the day off from cooking- so therefore the family takes her out to eat because no one else can cook like mom- the same thing happens here too. So in order not to have to wait an hour and a half for a table, we went on Saturday.
Reason #3
Seriously people. Granted we call our city "Asia lite" because its very western in so many ways. But having a McDonalds (even a Wendy's which also opened this past month) and having a Bubba-Gump are two completely different things. And what's even better is that the Bubba-Gump is right next door to my other favorite restaurant- Paddington House of Pancakes.
Reason #4
My son (in collaboration with his dad) already posted a Mother's Day post on the baby blog. Speaking of other Mother's Day posts... you MUST check out my sister's blog. Her kids are way cute and her blog post is proof. Drop her a comment and tell her I sent you!Thanks to my hubby and my little man for making me feel so special! (I got a pedicure afterwards too!) I'm SOOOO blessed to be a mommy!

May 03, 2008

"Everything is MUUUsical!"

So tonight we had our friends the Law's over for dinner.
Well, lemme rephrase...we had them over and ate the dinner they brought. Yummy chicken nachos!
Their daughter, Banana, within 5 minutes of walking in the door, discovered our jar of pennies.
The jar of pennies that we keep in the laundry room.Awesome.

(Sorry for a delay in posts on this blog... we're in language school everyday and so nothing else has really happened to us that's blog worthy...until pennies in our dryer that is)
(Also the title of the post is from an SNL skit- Celebrity Jeopardy- and "Bjork" says, "I like to throw nickels in my oven because it makes muuusic. Everything is MUUUsical!"...just fyi)