March 25, 2009

Better Ingredients...

I’m not really sure how it happened, but Papa John’s opened here in December sometime and we managed to get to March without knowing about it. Good thing we saw the KRISPY KREME sign hanging up next to Papa John’s announcing its opening next month… we will not be late for that one!
Ok, all you faithful blog readers out there who scrolled all the way through the pics… I want to share a story that could have everything to do with the pictures above. Back in 2004-2006 I worked at Outback Steakhouse. One day I waited on a table with 2 gentlemen sitting at it. One, I thought, looked familiar…

Sharon: “Hi! Wait. Have I waited on you before? You look familiar.”
Man sitting with Familiar Guy: “Um, well, you may not have waited on him, but he may have made your pizza.”
Sharon: (as the lights went on I said like an idiot) “You’re Papa John!”

That’s right folks. I met and served THE Papa John. He was very polite and even asked about me. When I told him I had plans to move overseas (and named the country) he said, “Really?” Then his friend (who was super-lame and totally acted like the side-kick to someone famous) told me they were actually discussing opening Papa John’s in China. I said, “Well, I don’t know about there, but I know I’d like to have a Papa John’s where I’m moving to!”

Could it be? Could I have been instrumental in bringing Papa John’s here? I, of course, choose to believe so and will therefore reward myself by an extra helping of garlic sauce!