March 26, 2007

Jasmine & Rose of Sharon

So this past week for a "field trip" in our language class, we decided to go to a nursery
(There are TONS in tropical countries and they're so cheap!)
Along with learning words and what not, we bought 4 new plants.
These 2 are Jasmine plants.
We just cut our grass and cut all the "green" stuff off the top...the green will be back in a couple weeks... it's not stop judging me :)
Hopefully the Jasmine will be climbing all-over our fence in a couple months.
Then, their sweet smell will help soothe me as I wash dishes
(kitchen window looks out at them)
For those of you not familiar with Bath&Body Works labels, Jasmine is a small and very fragrant flower.
For our front yard we bought 2 Hibiscus plants.
Did you know that the "Rose of Sharon" is actually an hibiscus?
Since learning that a few months ago, hibiscus plants have grown (pun intended) closer to my heart. They've already, in 1 week, grown 5 flowers.
These pink ones are perfect for THIS Sharon!
So that's all that's gone on this week. If you have advice on how to make hibiscus plants into a "Tree" shape please comment and help. Also, if you've heard that the Rose of Sharon is actually another flower, lemme know and I'll buy that one too.


Cara said...

There were so many corny comments and puns in this blog that I had to stop counting!! :)

Chanclers said...

hey kids. haven't heard from you in awhile...been wondering what you've been up to! flowers been keeping you busy? glad to know you're alive and kickin!