March 26, 2007

Bringing Balance

If you couldn't tell, the post below was written by Sharon. In the words of our next-door neighbor, "You really like pink, yeah?" Yes she does. We have pink flowers in our front yard and our tree will (supposibly?) have pink flowers as well.

So here's my attempt to even out the post below with things that are definitely not pink or flowery.

Our country has a pretty sweet F1 track and the annual race is coming up soon. To kick off the festivities, several of the cars are on display at our local mall. Here's the Ferrari/Shell car, driven by Kiki Raikkonen (yes I had to Google that):

I don't claim to know much about F1 racing. I'm fairly certain that I've never watched an entire F1 race, or even half an F1 race. Most of my knowledge comes from The Real World: London back in 1995 when they had an American wannabe F1 racer. Which means I know nothing. The car looks cool all the same.

Being that I've been in Asia the past 7 months, I haven't watched a single college basketball game. To celebrate this feat I entered "Yahoo's Tournament Pick'em" and filled out a bracket. My crowning achievement was picking Duke to lose in the first round. Just forget about the fact that I picked Louisville to go to the championship game. Blast you Browns for getting me to like Louisville! Here's my bracket (you can click on it to make it bigger):

As you can see, my final four are Florida (obviously), UCLA, USC and Louisville. Eehh, 50% ain't bad. For those keeping score at home, I'm currently in 5th place in my group, but 788,016th place overall. As a result, I've decided to withdraw my sportscaster application to ESPN but I think I still have a shot as the resident b-ball expert at ym magazine. I've already thought of 183 ways Joakim Noah can add some bounce to his locks using products already found in his gym bag.

Against our better judgment, Sharon and I registered for a MySpace account. MySpace just might be the most disorganized and user-unfriendly thing on the web. No, you can't be my friend Mr. Herbal Supplement Guy. No, you can't leave a comment Ms. 12-Year-Old Girl Pretending to be 22. To all our real friends: can we be your MySpace buddies so we can see your pictures? That's the whole reason we got it - now "unprivatize" us. Our address is: Enjoy the epileptic seizure-inducing adds.


Chanclers said...

we joined myspace one time...but since then have forgotten our username and password. oh well. unlike the cool world of blogger, you can't leave comments on people's pages without being a member...which, come to think of it, was the only reason we joined to begin with.
great un-pink blog! VS would be so disapointed.

Cara said...

RIVERS!!! Bringing balance to the page as well by commenting on your post. Your wife is my BFF and all, but still gotta share the love! Also, thanks for the Noah pic...representin the GATOR NATION!! :)

Jman John said...

Where did that come from?

SouthAsiaRocks said...

They're trying to bring F1 racing to our country... we don't have a track, but they want to race on the streets! There is supposed to be a big race in 2009... talk about planning!!

I was doing so good on my Yahoo! Tournament Bracket for a while, but now, not so good... oh well :) I was number one in my pool for a while and I was so proud! But now I'm not doing so good... :) oH well, still fun :)

Doug said...

I appreciate the man-post.

Kelsey said...

Yeah, my dad and lil bro are all over the bracket thing. I think my dad's winning, but I could really care less. My brother is all over the house w/ b-ball, so I bought him a nerf set for his b-day. He's gonna go insane- wait, maybe I will!