February 27, 2007

And this one goes out to the birthday kids...

All this birthday fun has brought about warm wishes from friends, cards, and gifts.
Yet Anthony is a bit confused...
He has a $50 itunes gift card from his mom
(he already spent the $15 you gave him Cara...that much exhausted the songs he's been wanting to buy)
but he has run out of ideas for song choices.

Any of you out there have a great song or two you'd like to recommend?

And Micah, we already have all the Point of Grace and Petra we could ever need,
but thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Also in the birthday confusion is to figure out which Australian Gold tanning product I should use which day on our sunny trip to Thailand?
Jenny Brown...I'm countin' on you to help out.
And how great is it to have a mother-in-law who grew up in Miami?!?
She is always ready for the beach.
Thanks MammaLou for out-doing yourself with the package...the sweet-scented pineapple/coconut/mango deliciousness that is Australian Gold will make my time on the beach complete. THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

hmmm...some music choices...i'm not sure exactly what type of music you listen to now, but i have a couple suggestions that i find to be pretty amazing. they include: **RED. (good rock group...though i think they only have one cd out at this point)
**Sufjan Stevens (he is one of a kind to say the least)(you should look him up and check ou his bio. it's amazing!)
hope this is new music info to you. if i can think of any other groups or artists i'll try and let you know.

Chanclers said...

I'm also excited about the Australian Gold simply because I'll be enjoying the mango scent along with you since I'll be laying beside you on the beach in Thailand! yay! Lather up the goodness!

C-Love said...

I, too, don't know what music you like, but here are a few choices from my playlist that you may or may not have:

Kutless- self titled CD. It's hard rock, but good, and with Christian lyrics.

Marc Broussard- Carencro. A pretty unique sound. He's from LA, so he has jazz, blues, and some country influence. Good music.

Garden State Movie Soundtrack- various. A great collection. They're all "modern rock" but of the slow, soft variety.

Derek Webb- She Must and Shall Go Free. Slightly better than Mockingbird in my opinion. Solid music with well written lyrics.

Gorillaz- Clint Eastwood, Feel Good Inc. etc. I haven't heard a lot of their stuff, but what I've heard has been good. Think "trip-hop."

Burlap to Cashmere- Anybody Out There? Christian band that to my knowledge only put out one album. I loved it though.

And then there's the classics:

Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon or Pulse, the live album.

Led Zepplin- heck you could afford the whole box set!

Waylon Jennings- Greatest Hits

Willie Nelson- Essential Willie Nelson

Pearl Jam- Rearview Mirror

Norah Jones- any of them.

Hope one of those helps. Y'all enjoy the fruity tanness of beaches in Feb!

kelli said...

i agree with katrin- sufjan stevens is amazing!! :) hope your birthday(s) was great!!! :) xoxo