April 28, 2007

Sungai Sungai

Sungai (Soon-eye) is the word for river here.
To make a word plural, all you have to do is double it.
So "Sungai-sungai" makes "Rivers".
That's us.
The normal bbq-ing, swimming, playing in waterfalls, driving in mud, etc. happened again today when we went to the sungai.
Here are a couple of things unique to this particular day in the jungle.

First: Kak-Sharon (older sister Sharon) brought a tube...
I was SO popular for about 20 minutes:

Then Ka-Sharon decided to ride the tube herself.
Ya know. Show all the kiddies how we do it in B.G. on the River O' Peace...

The sticks aren't as sharp in the Peace River...neither are the tubes as plastic.
Killed the fun real quick...but at least I did it to my own tube.
And unlike in B.G., no one had any duct tape to remedy the problem.

Second: With any given 7 year old there's bound to be teeth loose.

I must say, I've heard of the fabled "string around the tooth" extraction method, but never actually seen it done or believed it was possible.

I dedicate this video to my best friend Cara, who possibly did the same thing this week to children in Honduras...
(Those queasy around blood should not watch this. If you do, at least have someone near you as you watch in case you pass out at the computer all by yourself in your house. Safety first kids.)

Then his dad made him this necklace out of the string he pulled it with:

This lead to us asking our friends if they knew about the tooth fairy.
When they answered in the negative, we realized just how deficient our language is in describing fairies who take your tooth from under your pillow and leave money, why fairies would want a crusty old tooth in the first place, and that it's not really a fairy but parents.
Then I found out that Anthony and Justin got $1 for every tooth, whereas I only got a few coins. I explained that we had a little 'tooth pillow' with a pocket sewed on it and that's probably why my parents only gave a few coins.
Then Justin said he had the same pillow and he still got a dollar.
So two things burst today: my tube and my memories of generosity from my tooth fairies.
(for all you die-hard blog readers out there... still no leeches)


SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! That tooth thing is hilarious!! I love the tooth necklace! That's too awesome! Hahaha looks like you guys had fun! Awesome!

PS - if you do end up finding leeches... the best way to get them off of you is to put salt on them (I'm speaking from experience)

Keep rockin and having fun!

Cara said...

As for the tooth extraction experience:
1. He is such a brave little boy with no anesthesia...SO proud of him!
2. Yes, I pulled plenty of teeth in Honduras and got to share the good news on many occasions!
3. We may have taken over 1000 teeth from the Honduran people, but through Dad, we were able to give so much more!

laney said...

1st, my sister pulled on of my teeth with a string. we never found it b/c i think i ended up swallowing it. through many tears i tried to explain it to my mother so she could relay the message to the tooth fairy...somehow the sweet fairy got the message and i received an extra dime that year.

2nd, Chris seems to think it would be a good idea for me to transfer to turkey while i'm making all these changes. so, i'd have to say if i hopped whole continents i would probably have to look to turkey first-- no offense, of course! :)