April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th!

These are my (Sharon's) parents. (well, Anthony claims them too)
And Today...Friday, April 13th 2007 they have been married for 33 years.
Did you get that?
Way to go you two.
Bruce and Janice sittin' in a tree...
or in this case
Bruce and Janice standin' on some rocks...

They've birthed and raised 3 FABULOUS girls.
One of which they outlived and is in heaven waiting for them there.
The two that aren't in Jesus' presence (wonder what she's seeing right now?)
got married to AMAZING men.
Both of which were approved by these parents and they happily call them both "Son."

They've traveled to several countries together.
Served in church together.
Gone to Disney world like a million times together.
The first of which was 33 years ago on their honeymoon...
I know.
They're SUCH Floridians.

Since this picture was taken, they've lost about 70 pounds together.
Bruce 40
Janice 30
They do a lot of stuff together.
My mom even goes out to the pasture to help my dad move the cows "off the rye."
Cute huh?
And she still laughs when my dad gets angry at the cows.
"Stupid Cows!"

He supports her in her van ministry at the church.
She loves the Mexican kids she picks up every week.
Her happiest moments are when one of them gives their heart to Jesus.

She supports him in his music ministry at the church.
He loves playing keyboards and leading worship.
He gets so thrilled when he sees the people at FBCBG really worshiping.

It hasn't all been good.
He does shake the salt packets at McDonald's in a way that drives her nuts.
But I can't remember very many times,
At least not between the two of them...

I do however remember my spankings and getting up on Saturday mornings to help trim the hedges or do something else 'not fun' when I really just wanted to watch "Muppet Babies."
I also got grounded.
And I was a good kid.
But they...TOGETHER...parented.
They couldn't be divided.
If Mama said "no," Daddy said "no" and vice versa.
But now I know respect and appreciate the authority figures in my life.
So thanks.
Even though I thought you were ruining my life by grounding me or making me be home by like, before sunset, and didn't let me talk on the phone after 9pm, and wouldn't let me tie my shirt up at cheerleading practice (I thought that one was particularly lame)...

Thanks for being awesome married parents.
Married parents that loved the Lord, and loved each other, and loved me (and Heather and Veronica....and now Zach and Anthony).
You rock.
And yes, Daddy, I'll be sure to save up for one of those sweet massaging recliners for your 35th in a couple years.
Maybe we can get y'all matching ones?

Happy Anniversary!


Annie said...

I agree! Happy Anniversary to one of the finest and best examples of what unconditional love really is- and what Godly parenting looks like! They are an example to us all!! I pray that as I have watched them guide you girls over the years, even when I was annoyed by some of their rules :-), that I have picked up and am applying that which I have gained from them!! And you know, there are days too when I wonder what Veronica is seeing right now! Praise God one day we will join her there! Love to you guys and your slightly slimmer folks!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Cool! 33 year rocks!!
We had our honeymoon at Disney too :) whoo hoo!

Chanclers said...

way to go Bruce & Janice! we love awesome parents!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ones,
Thank you for your sweet recognition/tribute of our anniversary! We are so blessed! Not only have we lost some unhealthy weight, but the diet does not allow for salt!! SWEET! No more salt packet flicking! Gonna have to keep an eye on the sugar substitute packets, though! LOL Hope you guys have a great week. Talk to you soon.
Love Y'all,
Mama and Daddy

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bruce and Janice! You also had and continue to have a very special place in our hearts as amazing influences! We can't thank your entire family enough for what you have done to help us grow in our faith! We love you!

Paul, Julia, and Ava Grace