November 26, 2006

A Highland Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving weekend we traveled with some of our co-workers up to the mountain highland areas about 3 1/2 hours from home.
We are so thankful for the Lord's blessings in our lives. This was the first major holiday we spent overseas but we were blessed to spend it with 11 other people who loved on us and made this place feel like home. We were lacking nothing! The picture is the view from the Chalet we stayed in. In the 75 degree weather it even FELT like Thanksgiving (well, Thanksgiving in Florida that is!)

We were busy with fun the whole weekend. We went hiking in the jungle...this jungle had a moss floor, fog, and mud. Mrs. King noted everyone's thoughts as she exclaimed- "Wow! It feels like we're in a jungle!" We are so thankful to be with each other over here. The tropics are wonderful for our marriage!

The Highlands- because of the climate- produces some of the best tea in Southeast Asia. Mrs. King and I sure enjoyed the tea plantation visit. The other picture is of a machine from 1935 still used in making the tea. These folks are serious about their tea. We are thankful to have friends over here to have fun with!

At the Butterfly farm we visited- K3 was the designated butterfly boy as we piled as many on him as we could. Then oddly enough there were other creatures there so opposite in nature to soft happy butterflies like huge blue (it was blue. Promise.) scorpions. I am thankful for ALL God's creatures- some just for the fact that they don't live in my house!

We did other stuff like hang-out, watch "Hogan's Heroes," eat, and have a talent show. K5 swung a lot. And K3 and K4 played together like best buds do. Anthony and Justin found huge pencils at the butterfly farm to play pencil break with.
It was a memorable first Thanksgiving abroad that's for sure. We left feeling refreshed and...yup, you guessed


Anonymous said...

Miss you guys...glad you had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!
PS - GO Gators, Dolphins and BHS YELLOW JACKETS!! :)

Chanclers said...

How beautiful! Your pictures of all the green fields are amazing. We're glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving. PTL for teammates & the bond you are forming with them! We're thankful for your guys too & your witty blogs that never fail to make us laugh!

Kelsey said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! we had an interesting Thanksgiving, maybe my dad will out a post on it.

B Chapman said...

So it has started snowing again here and the old snow is still on the ground! I am so jellious of your shorts. I don't think I remember what it feels like to wear pants with out long-underwear or tights underneath. I am told that this is mild and the I should just wait untill January. Maybe I will come visit you in January! I love your pictures from Thanksgiving. For thansgiving we had a snowball fight! I guess being here is all about new traditions. Hope you are having a awsome day.

Anonymous said...

Hi friends!
It's been forever since I've talked to you. So, I am gald to, atleast, be able to read some of your wonderful moments. I love the new pics and stories!...(the fact that you quoted the movie Elf in one of them didn't make it bad either) ;-). I think that was my fav. story you've shared so far. It's so good to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm glad for all the things your being able to experience and laugh about.
...p.s. I miss their amazing tea. (the yummy). luv you both.