April 20, 2007


We were beginning to get worried about you guys back in the USA. Someone text a couple votes for Blake for us - we see Idol about 3 days too late here to do anything about it.


Annie said...

FINALLY!! We couldn't agree more!! Even Rahul, who was at first excited about the "browns" getting represented, was ready for him to leave after only a single performance! We think the beat box is pretty cool too- but we're also liking Phil from Jax, and Doolittle, and Jordin too ( I heard she opened for MW Smith?)
Anyways, enough Idol chat- hope all is well with you guys!

Laney said...

well, some people see Idol about TWO WEEKS too late to do anything about it. and the internet media kinda gives away the results. but who's complaining..its american t.v. with only slightly annoying subtitles!
love ya'll

SouthAsiaRocks said...

awwww come on! Sanjay is awesome :)
They love him here! He's in the newspaper almost every day! haha :)

That's funny that you get it 3 days late! We get it about 12 hours late...

Have fun! :)

B Chapman said...

Hey, I get to watch American Ido too! One of the families here tapes it (not every one can get cable for some reason) and then we all get together on Saturday nights to watch it. We all cheered when we hear the results! It is fun to know taht your guys are watching it too. I will think of you the next time I watch to show.