February 06, 2007


Thought you all would enjoy a photo or two from our time in Singapore this past weekend. It's almost Chinese new year and Chinatown was buzzing- more so than usual. Mr. Lion up above was one of many decorations lining C-town.
The extras also included a delightful Chinese puppet theater.
And of course a little shopping- here's Sharon at one of the 'rare' Indian shops in Chinatown.
In case your wondering if the rumors are true, they are. Singapore still doesn't sell bubble gum.


Cara said...

You don't need bubble gum anyway...it will rot your teeth and makes more work for me later! Just kidding...I chew gum...as long as it is anticariogenic (I sound smart don't I??). <3 Dr. Gigi

Chanclers said...

I think I see tic-tacs in that picture. minty green. that sounds so good.