February 09, 2007

Chinatown Treasures

Season One, Episode One

As many of you know, our parents came over to our part of the world this past Christmas. Like any good tour guides, we figured that a trip to our local Chinatown was in order. Chinatown did not disappoint - you couldn't throw a rock without hitting an "genuine copy" of anything you desire... either that or a Lonely Planet guide-toting European backpacker.

As we were perusing the stalls, a little something caught my eye:

For the guitar-impaired, this is a pretty good copy of a Les Paul Studio... in fact, its a replica of the first "real" electric guitar I owned. I spent many hours in my room making Jimi Hendrix and Metallica songs sound absolutely horrible on this guitar.

Oh, but wait my friend. It's so much more than a copy of a Les Paul Studio. What else can this be?

Be amazed and witness the devastation of...

I apologize to those prone to seizures.

Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I reach for my flame-throwing guitar axe to watch it light up the midnight darkness.

This is usually followed by a swift hit from my wife.

Hendrix had his detractors too.

And so I shred on.


C-Love said...

I didn't notice that chair in the background until after I watched the video. Awesome guitar/lighter.

And I'm glad to hear that you joined the rest of the elect in getting your Mac. You will not be disappointed.

To those about to rock, we salute you.

Doug Jett said...

You're my hero, man! I think I'll learn to play too!