February 23, 2007

The Party starts early...

For those of you who don't know, which I think most of you do because you either know us that well, or you're such an avid reader of our blog that you've even read the February 2006 archives and know this coincidental tidbit about us...

Anthony and I have the same birthday.
February 26

We call each other 2-26ers (although here they do their dates dd/mm so we're 26-2ers)
...but not all the time
Actually very infrequently.
But this time of year it comes up.
Anthony's Uncle Eddie is a 2-26er too.
Just FYI.

Except Anthony was born in 1980, and I in 1981.
Monday we'll be turning 27 and 26 respectively.
So why the birthday post now?
Because we've already started the birthday festivities, that's why.

The birthday festivities necessarily started now because there's a 3rd Birthday kid here with us...
No, she's not quite the lucky enough to be a 2-26.
She's a 2-27er.
That's Josh Groban's birthday.
Again, just FYI.

Thursday night we did 3 things for the 3 bday kids.
Bowling, out to eat at the amazing "Paddington House of Pancakes," and dessert at "Baskin Robins" (like we needed dessert after the Pancake House, you'll see what I mean...keep reading)

First bowling...
Six of us played. D-Lad and Justin pretty well ran the board...but we didn't do too bad.
Justin only beat me by 99.
And 8 year old K4 beat all us birthday kids with his whopping 85!
Don't worry. Any unsportsmanlike feelings were smoothed away at the Paddington-HOP...

The pancakes were long gone by this point, so we posed with the cute malt glasses.

Then today we got to go to the post office- which thank heaven people spoke English there, even though we brought Kakak and Abang just in case- a WONDERFUL package arrived from several of our friends in the US...Thanks to Cara, Danielle, Lauren and Mindy!

Then...just as we had everything laid out on my lap for this picture, a horn honked outside...and ...
wa-lah!ANOTHER package from my mom...except hers had tax info in it and a card to remind us of our SWEET Mac that I'm using this very moment...The moment was like one that belonged in a movie...Happy Birthday to US!


kelli said...

hope you both have a GREAT birthday! :) love you!

Anonymous said...

looks like your b-days were some fun times...happy belated birthday to both of you! -katrin

*sharon i love the mickey mouse pink t, very cute. :0)