February 26, 2007

Just what the Doctor Ordered...

So in continuing our birthday fun...
This past weekend, we traveled a couple hours to a 'traditional kampung' to experience rural life.
There were no hotels, motels, or hostels...we stayed in people's homes.
It's actually a great program our country is known for...
a person can travel through the entire country without ever having to go to a hotel, it's a great way to experience the life off the beaten tourist path.
With people that don't speak any English.
Here's pictures of our Saturday and Sunday...Here was the nice "aunt and uncle" and their home. She made DELUXIOUS salted fish (a village specialty) one of my favorites...
We introduced "Ultimate Frisbee" to this village...the older kids caught on pretty well, but this little guy was more interested in the cones. So cute.
We got to travel several miles up river to an "original people's" village- the equivalent to our Native Americans. There were some other white ladies there...they were troopers and made the boat ride more fun- they got the most wet out of anybody. The boat ride was something out of National Geographic and served as a sweet relief from the sweltering heat of the day...
Man on a traditional bamboo raft...sweet.
At the Original People's village some children arrived by boat for school...There were 3 Floridians and 1 Californian in the boat, so we represented the Disney inside each of us. (for those that don't get that- on rides at theme parks, you hold your hands up if you're part of the cool group) The trip that day was like Jungle Cruise on steroids.Today- the 26th- our actual birthday, I got my hair done (tried to post a picture but it was turned the wrong way...and I think the post does just fine without new hair), we saw Ghostrider...AND we found the mac-daddy of all import grocery stores.
Take a gander at this photo...Yes...that's Dr. Pepper you see there.
12 whole cans.
Straight from the wonderful land of Texas.
Also included are Pop-tarts, Cool-Ranch Doritos, and blow-pops.
Again, Happy Birthday to US!

We also want to send out a special THANK YOU to Mrs. Geral Marie in Bowling Green for the sweet birthday card she sent us. Thank you...it was just what we needed!


B Chapman said...

Hey, Sorry to be so late but Happy Birthday!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful celebration. I am envious of the Dr. Pepper!!! That must have been an awesome package to open. A friend gave me one bottle of Dr. Pepper for Christmas. I still have it setting on my desk. I am saving it to have as a treat on a bad day. The only problem is that when I have a bad day I wonder if it really was that bad so I don't drink the Dr. Pepper! Oh well it is fun to look at every morning! I hope you birthday celebration continues in to the weekend. Have fun!

Anthony and Sharon said...

Actually, the Dr. Pepper didn't come in a package - we bought it at an import grocery store (for twice as much as its worth, but hey, its Dr. Pepper and its our birthdays!). We're drinking 4 but saving the rest for bad days or special occasions... maybe if we have a bad day during a special occasion we'll drink all of them at once.