January 29, 2007

We Joined the Revolution

Now there's a flattering picture.

It's finally happened. We've left the world of spreadsheets, minesweeper and spider solitaire behind... because we're the proud parents of a new Apple computer, all because I have the greatest in-laws...


Don't even try to argue... I don't care what your mother-in-law bought you last Christmas.

Was it an Apple laptop?

Ok then, I win.

I celebrated by going to Starbucks to try out the internet and post my first "wireless on-location" blog post, which is like a regular post but more pretentious.

Is there any other way to celebrate getting an Apple? No sir...

Actually, we celebrated by first making an iPhoto book of our parents' visit and mailing it to them in lieu of a "Thank You" note, because seriously, a Hoops and Yo-Yo Hallmark card doesn't quite say "Thanks for dropping a boatload of money so that we could have a cool computer."

Since our previous computer was falling apart (physically - actual pieces were falling off, not to mention people have completed the New York Marathon faster than the time it took for our computer to start up), my in-laws surprised Sharon and I with a brand-spankin' new, starts up in like 0.01 seconds, 2GHz, 1G RAM, 120GB hard drive MacBook.

Don't get me wrong - we loved our other computer. It was a workhorse. It was like a McDonald's hamburger - not the best food in the world but it works when you're hungry.

Our Mac is more like a Ruth's Chris steak, but wrapped up in a trendy, California-designed casing with a glowing apple on the back.

So now I'm going to download some obscure singer-songwriter folk songs, put on some man-capris, complain about any coffee which costs less than $4 a cup even though it tastes the same as cheap coffee and feign an interest in politics and first edition books.

Because that's what Apple owners do, right?

And as soon as I figure out all the gadgets on iPhoto, I'm going to erase that double-chin in the picture above.

Goodbye Gates.

Hello Jobs.


Chanclers said...

also. the next thing you might want to erase (which was the first thing I noticed before the double chin...) is the light just barely showing behind your mug-thumb. It makes it look like you've got a freakishly long thumb nail for a man. (or is could just be the low resolution of my computer screen compared to your new mac)

B Chapman said...

Hey welcome to the Apple family! I hope you love you computer just as much as I love mine!!!! Wait untill you see the cool movies you can make using you pictures and video clips, you will be amazed. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just edited it and added comentary so check it out again. I have to go get my kids from Russian class, so I had better go. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the warm weather for me!

Anthony and Sharon said...

Chans- Never noticed that... how gross does my fingernail look? It's like a shining beacon of perfectly-placed purple back-lighting.

B- we absolutely love our Mac. I think they're even more fun when someone else foots the bill for them, don't you think? We've played with iMovie but haven't made the cool DVD's with pics and video clips yet.

Anonymous said...

Anthony, I think its time to switch to decaf (just kidding) You do have fantastic in-laws -- in many ways! MommaL