September 26, 2007

We be Chiffin'

This is Cif.
Cif is wonderful!
"C"'s are pronounced with a "Ch" sound here.
So when you say "Cif," it should sound like "Chif"

Cif is like my wonderful Clorox brand "Soft-scrub with Bleach"
but with a milder, fresher lemony smell.
Except here, Soft-Scrub costs about RM15.00 and Cif is RM2.00.
RM2.00 is like .58 cents.
$0.58 and it gives you these kinds of results...
That's no shadow on the floor in the upper part of the picture.
This is not a doctored photo.
This is a chiffed photo.
This week we and Justin and Daniela have been cleaning our office/guesthouse.
Justin and Daniela were the ones that revealed Cif to us.
Thanks guys.
The Off-House gets cleaned... but it was in need of a deep clean.
A Cif clean.

Here's a light switch crying out to be chiffed.
Incredible. Took off layers of paint and grime.
I have no idea if they sell this in the states.
But if you see some, buy it.
The we can all be chiffin'!


The Agarwals said...

Please tell me you did not do this serious scrubbing or inhaling of the fumes Sharon!! Momma-to-Be!! (Is it the nesting coming out again?!) That's pretty awesome stuff! I think I need to look into getting me some! Griffin is one pretty messy eater and I think after every meal, his booster seat could (maybe with him in it) use a little 'chiffin!'

SouthAsiaRocks said...

NICE! I bet the off-house looks awesome! Good Job guys! whoo hoo!

Anthony and Sharon said...

The off-house DOES look great! We'll be hanging up some of the latest frisbees in the coming days;)

And Annie, not to worry...there were virtually no fumes and what little there were, were more like dish-soap than any cleaning agent...I'm telling you this stuff is AWESOME!

And yes, Griffin would be a great candidate for Chiffin'!

Beki B said...

That looks like "Jif". Do we have Jif in the states? We used to use it all the time in Britain!! It is indeed AMAZING!

joelsgirl_Kellie said...

Seriously, I have to tell you how much I can appreciate the level of cleaning you guys did. ;) I can't wait to stay in the off house again...unless of course someone else pays for me to stay in a nice hotel downtown next time we're in KL.