September 03, 2007


Sunday evening was the conclusion of an International Fireworks Competition. Several countries had been competing for the last couple weeks and Sunday was the culmination (and I think combination) of the countries' efforts (Australia, Japan, and a couple other countries)We went with Justin and Daniela and got great seats. It was fun and a perfect way to conclude the Independence Day weekend (or celebrate the Labor Day weekend...depending on what way you look at it!) ...sorry they're not the greatest was fun nonetheless!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Looks like you guys had Fun :) That last picture is neat... all the little spurts of fireworks - that's fun!

Chris Robinson said...

hey guys melis and i are working together in the office like scarecrow and mrs. king just wanted to drop in and say hi and we're thinking about you we don't have a blog but you can check out facebook (!) for latest notes and pics (and pac-man).

chris and melis and ???

The Agarwals said...

Looks like a good ole' 4th of July! Glad to see it was so much fun! Did Little Rivers kick alot because of all the noise from the fireworks?