September 16, 2007

Waiting for the dinner bell...

These pictures were taken on a couple different nights. The fasting month of Ramadan has begun . Kakak and Abang (and their older daughters) will fast from food and water from sunrise to sunset everyday. The sun sets around 7:15 here so about an hour before folks just ride their motorbikes around waiting for the 'tone' (from the TV or the local mosque) to indicate when they can eat.

Here's Kakak and Abang's kids waiting at their grandparents house for the dinner bell (the kid in the orange shirt is Kakak's youngest brother).
Even though we don't fast, Kakak and Abang still invite us over to eat or "open the fast" with them. We don't mind at all...we've decided that Kakak is one of the best cooks in the country. Abang LOVES good food and so his wife's cooking reflects his taste for the best. Here are Kakak and I with a salmon that she broiled all day... (Kakak looks a little rough, but that's actually the face she likes to make in pictures...I call it her 'supermodel' face...that and she was a bit hungry in the picture)

If you're an avid "Anthony and Sharon Blog" reader then you may remember last year we played with fireworks and sparklers every night after eating. (And one night I made a trip to the clinic after a mishap with one of the sparklers).

Well this year there are no fireworks or sparklers. So what do we do after eating without them?
Fireworks are illegal here (like they're illegal in Florida but everyone ends up with a bag-full from Tennessee one way or another). Turns out the 'fireworks guy' Abang always buys them from got caught by the police. Oh well...the food is good and we love hanging out with our friends!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Georgia Fireworks are pretty good too :)
Eating and sleeping, what more could you want in a holiday :) haha!

Anthony and Sharon said...

I think I just had "I-75" fireworks in yes, GA too:)
After they told us the fireworks guy got arrested, we actually saw the story on the news from his arrest... they showed the 'stock' of fireworks he had and WOW...definitely worthy of a news story!