September 07, 2007

Village People for another week...

So we decided to visit our friends again in the village about 3 hours from the city.
The village is next to Mt. Smile. We talked about "Mt. Smile" in the previous posts, but we figured we'd post a picture so you could try and see why it's named that...
Look carefully... it's like a man is laying down and you can see the profile of his face. The nose is obvious (big part right in the middle)...but you may have to click on it to see it better. OR better yet, come visit us and you can see it in person!It's kinda like the man in the moon...I think everybody sees the face a bit differently.

We also visited a wooden-craft school where students learn to make things out of wood. Very cool! (the guy's mullet is pretty sweet too)Even though we're staying in a village way out of town, the family we're staying with has got a gorgeous home. Complete with a Coi Pond!


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SouthAsiaRocks said...

cool :) The wood stuff is cool! and that's a sweet koi pond! how fun!