October 06, 2006

Gila Week

We've had some, shall we say, interesting expericences (or gila-'crazy') this past week. Last Saturday we went to a forest reserve park that had a beautiful waterfall. We were with an American and a Koren family and had a great time climbing up and down the waterfall. After 4 hours or so we all decided it was time to leave, so I (Anthony) went to a restroom at the vistors center of the park to change into some dry clothes. As I was changing, I suddenly realized that I was not alone in the stall. Attached to the back of my leg was a leech, now fat because he'd been attached to my leg for some time. I was his own personal Golden Corral. So I suppose this means I'm now an offical "Southeast Asian Jungle Trekker." Two others of us found little surprises on their legs too. Below is a picture of the little bloodsucker's stompin' grounds.

This week we also did some more painting to make our house a little more like home. Going along with the gila theme, here's my isteri gila (crazy wife) painting a wall in our upstairs loft/tv room/hallway (we're not sure what to call it).

Let's review this picture for a moment, shall we? What you're looking at is Sharon, on top of a chair, which is on top of a 7ft wardrobe. She really wanted to paint this wall, and if you know my wife she's not easily deterred by petty little things like 15 ft walls or the lack of a decent ladder.

Our last gila story has no pictures (sorry April). Well, that's not entirely true - Sharon took about ten pictures of her eye last night but none of the pictures turned out good. Why was she taking pictures of her eye, you ask? Because last night we had our first visit to the klinik. We were over at Kakak and Abang's house yet again playing with some fireworks. Sharon was off to the side playing with their 2 year old son, helping him hold his sparkler. At one point she got a bit too excited and shook the sparkler, sending one little spark straight into her eye. It only hit the white part of her eye, so all is ok. As the doctor said last night, "Not too bad. If hit black of eye, very bad, but good news it hit white"-Luckily we only paid $2.50 for that diagnosis and the eye drops.

Just for fun I'll post a couple pictures Sharon tried to take of the little burn mark on her eye. The first one shows a bit of the redness, and the second one I feel is a good ending for this gila post.


kookooblog said...

Quoting my husband... "This woman is insane! Definitely a gogetter." I am not sure if it's a compliment or an oxymoron. Now that I think about it, I believe most Asians are scared of heights. Possibly because they are so short... hmm...

Anonymous said...

Haha! We have had some crazy experiences, but not like that!
Oh, and thanks for the comment on my parent's blog. My dad may never want to let me out of the house again!

Chanclers said...

my name made the blog!! woohoo!

Four4Him said...

See, if you come visit us you wont have to worry about the leeches when we go wadi bashing. Maybe just creatures from the deep waters of the wadis - none that we have seen or experienced, just what we have heard about.

Jennifer Bolton said...

I miss seeing those beautiful eyes...so thanks for the close up!!! Oh, by the way, you can come paint at my house anytime!:-)