August 31, 2007

Happy 31st of August!!!

Here, that's like saying, 'Happy 4th of July!"
It's Independence Day...and not just ANY Independence Day...
today marked 50 Years of Independence!

So that meant a parade.
There's lots of fun colorful pictures, so just click to make the ones bigger that you want to see.

We woke up early to make it downtown for the BIG parade. (by "BIG" we don't mean Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade Big, we mean, um, well, less big than that, but better than say Wauchula's Annual Homecoming Parade...)

The super cool things (for us anyway) were all the foreign dignitaries that showed up and the aircraft. The foreign representatives cars were all parked along a main street...we tried to find flags of some of the countries we knew (Cara this is why I told you to look here)

If you look on the screen, you'll see a tall white guy... That's Prince Andrew of England! The Sultan of Brunei was also there (his entourage was proof that he is worthy of his, "More money than the Sultan of Brunei" saying...if you can come up with more pomp than that man, then you must have money...sorry no pictures..we were too mesmerized!). The Prime Ministers from Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as the President of the Philippines were all in attendance. There were other important people there, but some were more important than others.

We had planned on watching fireworks that night, but apparently the baby decided to have a growth spurt and (so I've been told) the ligaments in my hips hurt. But there's a huge fireworks display this weekend, so maybe we'll make it to that.
As always...stay tuned....


SouthAsiaRocks said...

ahhh... the ligament thing... I feel ya!
Looks like you guys had fun! - so where was my country's flag? I know it had to have been there :) So, who on earth are the "power ranger guys" that are the last pic in your first set of pics??? Are they supposed to be military guys?? Their costumes are awesome!!

Anthony and Sharon said...

There were so many cars along that street...and only a few had flags...but yes, I'm sure it was there...probably with a "VVIP" sticker on it too! ;)

The power ranger guys were representing the 'future' of the country...but we thought they were hilarious too! Also, the guys in white are astronauts because they sent their first astronauts into space this year.

And in another, you can see the train going by up top...we think that would have been the best view (but only a few seconds worth:)

(and just FYI) The whole parade made me want to go to Disney and watch the "Electrical Lights Parade"...and sing American patriotic songs.

Cara said...

Yay Argentina!! Thanks for thinking of me guys. Hopefully I'll get to go back one day.