May 03, 2007

We are Siamese if you please...

We're off to Bangkok for the weekend...check back Monday or so for fun Siamese stories.

So this post doesn't completely waste your time:
Thailand used to be called "Siam"
It's where "The King and I" story is based.
Some of the most famous conjoined twins came from Thailand...ergo "Siamese Twins"
Pretty kitties that are distinct in their coloring, "Siamese cats," are from there.
So when the cats on Lady and the Tramp sing their song...they're really Thai cats.

I know. This post is opening up worlds to you.

Thailand/Siam has never been ruled by an outside power...they're very proud of that...
As an American I have no claim to that since it was a colony...
so more power to 'em.

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jdk0103 said...

Well, we've definitely been educated by this post! Have fun in Thailand :)