December 18, 2012


Couple things here folks.

1. We went to America.
2. We bought a new fancy-schmancy camera.

Anthony knows alllll kinds of things about cameras and photography and light and numbers and f-stops and ISO(?) and Av(?) etc etc.
While I know nothing about all that I figure I'll probably learn eventually. (maybe) And in the meantime I'll do my best to try to get whatever is in front of the lens in focus. Baby steps, guys. Baby. Steps. I keep the house clean and kids fed. (which doesn't take long to list it out but by golly it takes all day to do it!)

So. Using our fancy-schmancy new camera and my husband's how to, I present to you our "Thanksgiving 2012" made from scratch video. Watch the video. It has just about the prettiest rural-Florida-ness of a back drop oozing out of every frame for FREE.  Plus, you get to picture my Uncle Ronnie's stories of great 3wheeler-Mexican-Orange Tree-Roman Candle-Tractor-other heavy machinery mishaps of days gone by and feel the laughter. Feel it... (the song is catchy too)...

Thanksgiving 2012 from Anthony Rivers on Vimeo.
Good, yes?!?

Gracious it was good to be home.

You can go ahead and leave a note about why you now want to be in my family in the comments section. Please no more than a paragraph.

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Brandon and April said...

Way to go Shanthony! I say it's a collaborative effort. Someone's watching those kids while you edit away!

(also, like the hair, Sharon!)