December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

My kids have no clue about the whole "wake-up early on Christmas" thing. But I think they're getting clued in on the whole "pajamas all-day long" thing. (this may be due to it not being limited to Christmas? jury is still out)

It was a good Christmas.  And even though it was good enough for a pj's all the live long day kind of Christmas, around 2:30pm or so I finally got the boys out of their Christmas pj's (what with the sweat and all) and put them in their oh-so handsome "Chelsea Kits" that they got as presents. Lampard(9) and Torres(8).  After a brief confusion with 6's and 9's as Isaac looked down at the number "9" upside down on his leg, we were good to go.

After all that, I have no pictures of the Chelsea kits (Soccer Jerseys for you folks outside the Commonwealth). But I do have these. I hope you enjoy them...and because it's still Christmas Day in the US right now, I hope you're enjoying these in your pajamas. Its that kind of day you know.

This one never backs down from a photo-op
This one tries his hardest to get away from every photo-op.
This one holds a light saber like a boss.
Sorry you can only see my unmake-uped face in this one, but its all we have of Bird, her helmet, AND her bike. That look on my face is me dying from overexposure to cuteness.
And these are my 3 Christmas gifts. They never get old (though they OFTEN get loud). What a blessed Mama I am!

Merry Christmas!


Emily said...

You can definitely tell y'all got a new camera! Beautiful pics of your beautiful kids!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Seriously, can those 3 get any cuter? That first picture is a keeper for sure. And I can't believe your Bird is big enough for her own bike!