December 10, 2012

10 days into Advent...

So, I'd say things are going pretty well with Advent. I'm still using the guide I started with but have already decided it's not child-friendly enough. It's good stuff, to be sure, but I think my 3 year old doesn't follow and the 4 year old is just hanging on. It's just too wordy. I'm thinking I'll go the route of a Jesse Tree next year.

The activities have gone well.
Except for the salt-dough ornaments. We shoulda seen it comin what with rainy season and all.

We baked them but then after they were nearly dried out the humidity in the air caused them to soften again. Like mushy soft. We just keep rolling though. (Don't EVER complain about rainy season! It makes my kitchen a bearable temperature for holiday baking)

But the candles. Winners!

Oh yes, the candles are here to stay, Sandlot style. FOOOOOREEEE-VER!

We had dinner out 2 nights in a row. We got home and Isaac couldn't walk past the table without lighting those bad boys up. Fire. Boys. They just go together. Is it too pun-erific to say, "The candles will be memories burned in their minds for all time." No? I didn't think so either.
My boys are to fire as I am to decorating.
It just so happened that our dear B's birthday was this past week and that she happened to go out of town for 2 days and that her mom and I planned a surprise room makeover... it was my our Advent activity for 2 days.
Can you say "Christmas Cheer!"???? We had to work with the green walls (THAT should be a task on a design show!) new duvet cover, pillow sham, pillows, window cornice boards, rugs, and a mirror. It's a big deal turning 12!
 I was surprised how the boys seemed to understand waiting to surprise B with all her fun new stuff and waiting for Jesus to be born.  (somebody whose name starts with "I" totally tooted while we were hiding in her bathroom to surprise her)
We are getting oh-so festive around here! Christmas is coming!


Brandon and April said...

hmmmmmm Did SOMEONE get a nice new fancy camera for Christmas?! :)
Love those green walls!

Ashiqin Bte Mohd said...

Gotta love the bedroom! I love the bedsheet especially! xx