April 19, 2008


FINALLY!The plumeria tree we planted 19 months ago has finally bloomed!

I was beginning to think it didn't like me.
Or that I had a black thumb.


Plumeria trees grow EVERYWHERE here.
There are some behind the dumpsters at the gas station we go to.
No lie.
I'd drive by in disgust looking at the gorgeous tropical trees and its flowers that smell so wonderful going to complete waste with no one enjoying them, while my tree at home sat annoyingly with no blooms. People don't go to gas stations (er...excuse me Petrol Stations as they're called here) to smell flowers. If they smell anything its the wonderful fumes of the gas being pumped. (you like it too...don't deny it!)

I thought I was banished to gas fumes forever until my family came a couple weeks ago, and the bloom stalk-thingy popped up on two of the branches and gave me hope.

Here it is when we first planted it back in September 2006 after first moving in. The guy at the nursery said it could take up to 6 months to flower...Hmph.Look how much taller it is now! (compare it to the green fence behind it)We "miracle growed" it and also treated it for some sort of bug/pest/fungus thing it had. And our hard work has finally paid off.
Plumeria flowers are so fragrant and now I have some of my own and they smell great!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

FUN! I LOVE plumerias :) When I lived in Hawaii they were my favorite to have as a Lei :) I brought home a plumeria "stick" to plant and make my own tree... everyone made fun of my stick in a pot for a year before it grew any! haha! It hasn't had flowers yet though and it's been about 5 years! haha! I guess it's not warm enough... Anyway, if you want to know anything about plumerias check this out:

I LOVE that last pic :) So cute!!

Elizabeth said...

Fun Post! Your plumeria flowers are gorgeous... they remind me of the Philippines - as does your fence and gated windows! Your "strip of grass" makes me smile and your Teva sandals,(or at least they look like Tevas) well they just remind me of how much I love summer and how sad I'm going to be not to be able to wear my Tevas year-round in Prague. Believe it or not, it's 22(C) today in OH and yep, I'm wearing sandals! :)

The Agarwals said...

How beautiful! We are fixing to attempt to plant a little garden with the boys. I hope we have these kind of amazing results too!