May 03, 2008

"Everything is MUUUsical!"

So tonight we had our friends the Law's over for dinner.
Well, lemme rephrase...we had them over and ate the dinner they brought. Yummy chicken nachos!
Their daughter, Banana, within 5 minutes of walking in the door, discovered our jar of pennies.
The jar of pennies that we keep in the laundry room.Awesome.

(Sorry for a delay in posts on this blog... we're in language school everyday and so nothing else has really happened to us that's blog worthy...until pennies in our dryer that is)
(Also the title of the post is from an SNL skit- Celebrity Jeopardy- and "Bjork" says, "I like to throw nickels in my oven because it makes muuusic. Everything is MUUUsical!"...just fyi)


SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! THat's awesome :) I bet it was fun getting those pennies out of there ;)

E-Rob said...

Is her name really Banana or is that a code name? Very original if so!

"You're sitting on a gold mine, Trebek!"