April 04, 2008

Family Circus- Day 6

We decided to take the family to eat at our new favorite Middle Eastern restaurant- Sahara Tent. The inside is designed to look like the inside of a tent in the desert and it totally does! The food is delicious and the whole family agreed. Here's everyone enjoying the freshly baked naan with hummus and other middle-east specialties (of which I have no idea what they're called)Sure this isn't the new culture (or food) we live with everyday, but we figure if you travel to another country anything new is fun!

Zach and Mama waiting for me to stop taking their picture so they can eat!Anthony's lamb was as big as a hand...
Kaelyn and Adrienne by some of the authentic decorations. (the Houkka's-sp?- really work. Every time we've been to this restaurant Arab men have been there and several have ordered something to smoke from a houkka!)Next we headed to something that appealed to everyone's Floridian side... the mall with the amusement park inside.
The whole family on the kiddy train. There were black lights on one part of the train ride... Isaac's outfit looked cool! (and he looks a bit head-less:)The only adult ride any of us rode was the roller coaster... it was fun watching the kids ride all their rides!What a fun day!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Looks like fun!
That food looks yummy!!!

The Agarwals said...

How fun! The motion in that last pic makes it look like Isaac may have had whiplash after his Aunt Heather took him for a spin! ha! Fun times! Oh and naan...yum!