April 01, 2008

Family Circus- Day 3

By Day 3, jet lag had caught up with all of us...even Anthony, Isaac, and I. So we chilled at home most of the day. Being together is the whole point of their trip here, so just hanging out was nice:)
Grandmama found a kitty in the back alley (about 4 mommy cats are pregnant...apparently one already had them). One of Kaelyn Joy's favorite things in the world is kitties... tallest twin towers in the world are nothing compared to a sweet soft kitty!ANOTHER suitcase full of goodies came with the family- this time mostly food items. But one special package was Anthony's Taylor Guitar that he had to leave behind when we came (we've since checked FAA regulations and the little guy at Miami International security checkpoint was WRONG!...anyway, I'm calm, what?) In order to carry it over safely my parents bought a new flight case for it. What a great gift! The green lining is even Anthony's favorite color. We haven't been home much the last few days, but the Taylor has already been re-strung and played... Anthony's glad to have a familiar 'friend' around again.For dinner that night, we loaded the circus up and went to eat sate at our favorite chain of sate restaurants. Sate Kajang restaurants make the meaty-est sticks of sate around.Jeremiah is proving to be the "Amazing Sleeping Boy"...unable to be woken up by any adult, child, food, loud noise, or even poking. He slept right through the whole thing!
Adrienne on the other hand just might be a zenophyle....(sp? A person who likes all things that are different) She dove right in and showed that sate stick who's boss!
Kaelyn took some coaxing, but she eventually tried it and liked it.
the fun continues on Day 4!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

yay! More family fun :) I love that picture of Adrienne - so cute :)

The Agarwals said...

How fun! I wonder if a trip like that would make Collin sleep that well?! It's an idea for sure! I love the picture of Adrienne! It's been awhile since I've seen her. She is just precious! So glad you guys are having such a great time, even if that includes just hanging out! What awesome memories you'll have of this special family time!