February 25, 2008

Rivers Family

Isaac Joseph finally arrived February 20th. It wasn't our birthday, but Anthony's brother's birthday is on February 20th, so he does share a birthday with another Rivers after all.
My mom had a great 2 weeks here with us and is on her way back to the US. She was such a huge help and we hope we can survive without her! Isaac has been an easy baby so far and SUCH a joy. As far as we can tell his personality and temperament are a lot like his dad's...he's very laid back. Our sleep has of course been interrupted and Sharon's recovery from the c-section has slowed her down a bit more than she'd like, but overall we are LOVING being parents. God has blessed us so much and we have so much to be thankful for. Thanks to everyone who has sent their words of congratulations and encouragement...we have appreciated every word! We have lots of pictures and stories about Isaac on the baby blog, so keep checking there for updates about him.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

yea!!! Whoo hoo for the new 3 member family!!! :)

Cara said...

There are those big gorgeous eyes!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

I'm only in Singapore and I'm missing all of you already!! So I guess I need to change my thoughts to the three little amigos in Winter Haven!! I think I can hear their little voices say "Grandmama!!"
Thanks for a great visit... see you in a month!!