February 18, 2008

Lion Dance

We finally captured a Chinese New Year Lion Dance on video...one that was like the full deal. We edited it some, but thought you might like to see it. We didn't realize, but at the end people "feed" the lions money, we're guessing/assuming in order to bring good luck. The thing is, before it started the adolescent guys who were in the costumes were playing around and acting like...well...acting like people I would never give money too:) Enjoy!

And here's a picture of my mom and I that I think is good. We went to one of our favorite malls to walk...which is where we saw the Lion Dance.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Fun Dance!!! So is your doc going to induce at some point if Isaac doesnt' come soon? You look awesome!!! Come on Isaac!!!

Cara said...

I'm not quite sure WHY that fascinated me SO much, but it did!