February 10, 2008

Green Wedding Fun...

Today we went to a wedding. We realize y'all have seen lots of pictures of weddings here. But we wanted to explain one "food" thing about weddings.
This is a "Bunga Telur" or "Flower Egg."
Everyone receives one at every wedding. They're like a party favor.
It's a hard-boiled egg attached to a fake flower on a stick.

We've asked all our friends here where the tradition comes from or what it means and no one has been able to explain it. WE think it probably has roots in some sort of blessing of fertility...eggs...flowers...and since this area hundreds of years ago was Hindu, it's likely left over from that as well. Like when King David in the Bible hands out "raisin cakes" to all Israel...basically encouraging them to "be fruitful and multiply."

Since it was Kakak's cousin who was the groom,
and therefore a bunch of her family was there,
and her family knows that my mom is arriving tomorrow,
it meant we received 3 bunga telurs today,
and we're to give my mom hers when she arrives.

Here are a few more pics of the wedding. It was very green!The Bride and Groom.
The Groom's parents.Kakak's youngest brother (in the blue shirt) singing karaoke.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Fun! That rocks! Your belly looks cute!

Elizabeth said...

Very interesting "green flower" - thanks for sharing! So happy for you that your mom arrives "today" (your blog said it was 3:41am your time). I just spent the best 46 hours ever with my mom... and dad...and sisters.

Enjoy your time with your mom and tell her I said hello!

Jess said...

This may seem a random question, but how do the dating rituals work over there? Do the bride and groom do the whole courtship thing like we do back in the states, or are marriages prearranged?