February 26, 2008

Birthday Day!

Today is our birthday!
This year its a bit more low-key than previous years and we pretty much just chilled at the house all day enjoying time with our son.
And even though we'll never be able to top the gift of a baby... we figured it wouldn't hurt to add some extra sugar...
Sharon's mom bought this OREO No-bake mix, and we made it tonight as a birthday treat.

Isaac didn't manage to make it to the 26th (although there were moments during labor when we thought he would!) but another little person is set to make her entrance into the world today. Our friends MattE and Leslee should be delivering their new baby girl today! Since MattE has to report for spring training, Leslee's being induced so he will for sure make the birth...and we can't think of a better day to be born than February 26th! (Sharon's sister is excited because she's getting a new nephew AND niece all in one week:)
In honor of the occasion, Isaac donned his Braves-red diaper cover and baseball socks...Happy Birthday Baby Girl Diaz!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

yea! for birthday day!!
Isaac looks adorable in his little diaper!! So cute!!!

Brandon and April said...

Happy Birthday! you better save up some cash for the month of Feb! :) it's gonna be a busy month for the rest of your lives! yay!

The Agarwals said...

Hope your birthday was awesome! That oreo stuff looks amazing! And Isaac is super cute in his "baseball gear!" I know Heather was one excited Aunt!!