January 14, 2008

So whatcha think? REALLY!

We have a little Blogger tradition where we change the look of our blog around the new year, so here's the new look to the same blog we all know and love.

We have an important question for you...our blog readers.

What do YOU want us to put on the blog?

Ya see, everything around here seems so normal now that we don't even realize it when something would be interesting!

So what have you been curious about?
You know, things like

"Do you have a squatty-potty in your house?" (no)

which leads to...

"Can you take a picture of one because I've never seen one?" (sure)


"Do people eat fish heads with the eyeballs and everything?" (yes)


"Can you make a video of you eating that?" (how bout a video of us peeling a shrimp one-handed instead?)

Ya know. Stuff like that.
You MUST COMMENT and let us know what you want to know about.

Especially all you secret blog-readers out there.
We know about you!
You think you're all blog-sneaky and what not, but you're not.
People tell us about you!
Like one girl named Andrea I heard about this week and our new friend Taylor who works with Anthony's mom who read the blog for over a year before being outed
... never met them, but they read our blog.

So blog readers and blog sneakers
Just click on the "__ of our friends said" line and ask away!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

I really like the new header on your blog - cool :)

So I think you should put a pic of you guys eating fish eyeballs!

A picture of the outside of your house would be cool... unless you've already done that and I missed it...

Strange Animals that you have there that aren't in the states...

hmmm... I'll keep thinking :)

Steve said...

Nice re-do! My question is:
Do you have to tailor any of your posts because you know your folks are reading? ... OK, forget that one, how about:
Transportation. Do they have any weird conveyances there that you could show us? Like sulkies or rickshaws or people that will ride you on their backs or something?

Doug Jett said...

I think this is my favorite format yet. The design suites where you are. I don't know what to tell you to add. You've always done such a great job. In fact, I've used some of your ideas on my own blog. What would you like to see on mine?

Jess said...

So I have never heard of a squatty potty before, and I would LOVE to see you guys peeling a shrimp one-handed, that would be very interesting to watch. You guys do a great job and I love checking for updates. I especially love it when you post about the culture of where you are now. I may never get to go there, but I it's awesome to read about it from a first hand encounter.

Chanclers said...

niiiicceee re-vamp of the blog. might have to copy that idea. ours is getting bleaker by the second.
you know what I want to hear about?
Isaac being born. You know, within the next month or so. That would be an awesome blog read.

Taylor said...

LOL. Well I must say that I am pleased to be mentioned on your blog- and I mean, if you want to keep blogging about me that would be fantastic! haha
Ok seriously, these are a few of my favorite things you blog about:
1) native flowers such as the roses in the highlands, those amazing orchids, etc...
2)weddings and other cultural events
3)silly things, i.e.: that chinese dragon dog puppet looking toy.
Here are the top 3 things I'd like to see, but you haven't shown yet:
1) a malaysian squirrel.
2) ....nevermind, all I want to see is a malaysian squirrel.

Sharon's Mama said...

Even though Isaac has his own blog spot, I agree that should will be room for him in this one, too! You guys have always done a great job educating us on your experiences, so just keep it up. Some people might like to see more of the "country/village stuff vs. the city/mall stuff."

Laney said...

okay... i want to see anthony standing on his head as he eats with chopsticks... do ya'll use those there... see i don't even know!

the squirrel idea was good too :)

and i like the layout. makes me think i should change mine...and my blog name for that matter... seeing as i can't be bound for the jungle if i don't even live there...ahh, ya'll have given me too much to think about!

marylou said...

love it...colors are great...and isn't my friend taylor cute! got more friends at work who are faithful readers...dana, julie, kenzie to name a few...hi guys! so...maybe more pictures like the large iguana (or whatever) you (anthony) and sharon's dad tried to capture and take home as a pet lol! love, mommalou

SouthAsiaRocks said...

So a lot of your folks said they wanted to see a blog post on squirrels in your area :) so I did one on squirrels in our area ;) haha - I'm taking some of your ideas ;)

Anonymous said...

I am one of Andera's friends and one of your secret bloggers!!! I live overseas too!

I would like to see more pics of people in your "country" but don't stop putting pics of y'all's fam. on there!!

ineedchocolate said...

Ok, I need the lesson on how to peel a shrimp with one hand? Better yet, have you done the pop the whole thing in your mouth and and just spit out the shell thing? Personally, kind of nasty and I think you lose the enjoyment of actually eating a prawn because you are too busy trying to not swallow and choke on shell. Plus, that is just gross to be spitting things back out. But, yeah, I have food issues, what can I say. ;)