January 24, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen...

That's "Goodbye" in German.
Justin and Daniela left today (sniff-sniff)
Daniela is German which is the reason for the German farewell.They're going to work in another part of the country.
They're Floridians (well, Daniela is a transplant but she counts)
They're Miami Dolphin fans (which will hopefully bode better for us all next year)
They love Napoleon Dynamite, the Highlands, and good desserts.
This season of American Idol won't be the same without our Friday Night get-togethers.
That's right...Friday. We have to wait to see the live shows...oh well. Still, they won't be the same without Justin and Daniela.We're not crying TOO hard for them though... the short domestic flight they got on today took them to their new home on a gorgeous tropical island. We celebrated their last night in the big city by going to good ol' Baskin Robbins... I said they like good desserts! We'll see them from time to time, but still, as we make fun of the American Idol hopefuls this season, it just won't be the same. We'll definitely miss them!
We're hoping to visit them in a few months...so stay tuned for the reunion!

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jdk0103 said...

Thanks so much for the sweet tribute! We too have enjoyed our time with you both :) Can't wait for you both (and Isaac) to see our new home here. We'll make sure to have some skype American Idol moments . . . that is once we get our tv to pick up some stations! (and yes it's bigger this time, lol).