January 18, 2008

"It's about the people... the peep-ple."

Wow - y'all left some good comments. We're excited about some of the upcoming posts we'll put up because of your suggestions.

And we've learned that the vast majority of our readership likes... squirrels.

Who knew?

While we work on getting pictures of squirrels and other wildlife (we're pretty excited about that post), several people also asked to see more pictures of the people here.

This one will be pretty heavy on the pictures. And really, don't we all just skim the words and look at the pics when we're reading blogs anyways?


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Cool post! I love people pics :)

Laney said...

those are some really good pictures! and yes we do... just skim that is :)

Brandon and April said...

ahhh what a cute lady in the apron!
hey quick question...is there a 5 "dollar bill" in your currency...or whatever it is they use? if so, i want one.

Anthony and Sharon said...

Yes we do have a 5 - it's even got a cool little see-through plastic window in it... but you have to come down here and we'll give it to you (insert evil laugh:)

elizabeth said...

Great pictures! Isn't it interesting how it seems that people in "non-North American" countries all over the world use the peace sign in pictures? (and perhaps South American, too... not sure - never been there)

Love the ladies with the umbrellas... is that a common sight?

marylou said...

great pics and, you're right, its about the people! love to look into their eyes...what do you think they're thinking?

Taylor said...

awe! my fav is the little one peeking it's head through a window! and the close up of the older man. thanks for sharing!